Habanero - Phoenix Market City Food Bloggers Meet 2015

As a part of food trails at Phoenix Market City at Velachery a bunch of us were invited for an interactive session with Chef Dan Durkin at Habanero. Habanero claims to be the first authentic Tex-Mex restaurant in Chennai featuring veg & non-veg fare under Mexican, Tex-Mex and Texas influenced American labels.

The place is very spacious and vibrant. With stewards donning the tex-mex outfits, those big hats and the ambiance was very appealing. While waiting for the chef we had a couple of mock-tails. The musk melon bassed mock-tail was good and refreshing. Once the chef arrived and after formal talks, he straight away jumped into the demonstration of Zucchini fritters with warm Tomatillo relish. The entire demo was very clear and we learned a lot about how Mexican & Indian Cuisine showcase a lot of common herbs & spices. Shrredded Zucchini with egg whites, pepper & bread crumbs were pan fried and served with a spicy and tangy relish made of roasted green tomatoes.

The Chipotle Chicken Skewers glazed with Chipotle honey sauce was sweet & spicy. The other dish was the Mexican coastal speciality - Basa fish rubbed in spices, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled, served along with cilantro pesto. This particlular dish resembled our very own Meen Pollichadhu, both lookwise and tastewise. We ended the meal with eye pleasing Tres Leches Cake and warm Churros with chocolate sauce.

Altogether it was an informative and fun evening...

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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