Ramaa's The Hyderabadi Food Court

I was surprised, infact quiet shocked to know that it was ages since I had biriyani. Been in a vegetarian mode (ofcourse forcefully) for about a month, ups and downs in health, kid's exams, guests at home - reasons more than enough for me becoming crazy. When I was at Anna Nagar for some work, I decided that I need to have biriyani to lift my soul.

Ended up at Ramaa's for biriyani. This place is located on the Shanthi Colony main road. Place was almost full when we went. I was quiet happy that I didn't choose a wrong place. Was too hungry and asked for a single mutton biriyani. The waiter said it will take 20 minutes and he suggested to take veg biriyani (WTH). I said I'll wait for 20mins and sticked to my order. To kill 20 mins we also ordered Andhra style chicken 65 (5 pcs) and a hot and sour chicken soup. Ordered was taken and the person disappeared. After a good 15-20 mins, somebody else served us the chicken 65 and again puff they vanished. We had a hard time in getting their attention in that small restaurant. At last the biriyani arrived. Biriyani was piping hot, with layers of rice and masala. It was yumm. I hate biting elachis in biriyani. This one didn't have elaichi but had loads and loads of cloves. I had to look for cloves in every handful. The mutton pieces was rock hard. Few more minutes of attempting in biting it would've made a heavy damage of my tooth. On informing the waiter, he offered to change it to chicken biriyani. I said okay and took it. The accompaniments were dalcha and raita. Raita was very watery and nothing special to talk about. The dalcha was full of flavours and complimented the biriyani very well. It added some extra heat to the already spicy biriyani.

Portionwise its more than enough for a person. In fact 2 normal eaters could share it. My hubby asked for a veg biriyani and gobi masala. Veg biriyani was a disaster. It was more like pulao and not biriyani. And instead of gobi masala, we were given gobi manchurian. Service is sloppy. Cutleries are bad. The table was shaking and the glass top was sliding away. I would definitely recommend the biriyani, but for a take away/delivery. Total damage was 600 bucks.

Place         : Ramaa's Hyderabadi Food Court
Location     : Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar East
Cuisine      : Veg & Non Veg, Andhra & Chinese
Cost          : A meal for two would cost around 750 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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