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I was thinking about checking out the new kid in the block, Madurai Kumar Mess. When casually discussing in our foodie group, we all unanimously decided to have lunch here on a weekday. With couple of vehicle changes (Felt like those kidnappers who keep changing vehicles to loose the policemen in movies :P ) we landed there. The place is pretty small and was damn busy. Brightly lit, not much to talk about ambiance it was noisy. We were 7 of us and we squeezed ourselves around a single table. Even though that table was meant for 6, it is pretty small. Two people sitting opposite to each other have to eat from others leaf ;)

We ordered lot of things out of which the initial order being mutton kola urundai, pigeon roast and mutton chukka. Kola urundai (5pc per plate) was salty, mutton chukka was okayish (I like mine to be a bit dry and this one had more gravy). I was having pigeon for the first time and felt the meat to be soft and with pepper overpowering the dish. We started off with 1 mutton biriyani. Made of seeraga samba rice, it failed to impress us. Of all the seeraga samba variants I've tasted so far, I like the ones from Junior Kuppanna a lot. This comes nowhere near to that. Moreover I had this bloating feeling after the biriyani which I don't like.

Pigeon Roast

Mutton Chukka
We were quiet disappointed with the taste and portion as we expected more. For the next round we had brain, vavval, vanjiram and viral fries, boneless crab, crab omlette, suvarotti (spleen), some more biriyani and cup meals.

I'm tasting the brain and spleen for the first time. While the brain was soft and tasted more like boiled egg (They cook it with mixing egg in it), the spleen was nothing great. Crab dishes were so so. Out of the three fish fries, I liked vanjiram more. It had better marination compared to the other two. Viral was okayish and vavval lacked flavour/salt. Cup meals priced at 75, comes with a small portion of rice, chicken gravy, fish gravy, keerai, veg poriyal, rasam and more. Keerai was horrible, rasam was warm and good.


Vavval fry

Viral fry

Crab boneless

Vanjiram fry

Suvarotti / Spleen

Crab omelette
Even their famous ayira meen kuzhambu was very average in taste. A good dish was spoiled as one of us found a strand of hair in the dish. On notifying they apologised and said will replace the dish. We could clearly see the same thing being served to us in a different dish and we didnt make a fuss about it.

Service was pretty quick and polite. They gave us a lot of recommendations. The total bill was 4900 bucks which was split amongst us. All of us personally felt that 700 per head was too much for the quantity and taste. Out of all these things we had, I couldn't name a single dish that impressed me. Everything was pretty average in taste. And the portions are too too less for the pricing. The dish/cup size is slightly bigger than the cups in which sambhar/rasam are served in meals. They really have to look into the portion sizes as well as taste soon. After all one cannot ride on the name for a long time rite ??!!!

Place        : Madurai Kumar Mess
Location    : Vadapalani, next building to Lakshman sruthi
Cuisine     : Tamilnadu non - veg delicacies
Cost         : A meal for 2 would come around 1400-1500 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Madurai Kumar Mess  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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