Merry with Peri - A food bloggers meet at Nandos, Chennai

There was this time when Nandos, started in Chennai, fellow foodies were like, "What ??!! You still haven't visited this place?". Couple of years ago, I was taking baby steps in eating non-vegetarian and have started eating chicken alone. Folks at home, were herbivores at that time. So the ultimate effort of dragging them here was failing high time. One fine day, everything was in my favour and we decided to dine here before catching up a movie. Alas, we misread the movie timing and couldn't dine there. I just quickly packed my order and had it much later. I didn't even remember how it tasted. After launching the second outlet, I was thinking of trying it out as everyone at home now eats chicken (Hail the trainer :P ) When I was invited for a food bloggers meet to try out the new additions to the menu, I happily agreed.

Went there for lunch on a weekday. The place is split into two levels. Ground floor along with kitchen and much more spacious upstairs. The place is beautifully done with paintings, details/history of peri peri, wooden floors and quirky coloured furnitures. The whole place has a earthy feeling which is very pleasing.

We started off with pita bread with roasted red bell pepper dip, olives and hummus. We were given peri-peri drizzle, which is new addition in the menu. The drizzle is a peri-peri flavoured oil and it had that hot taste and aroma packed. It was presented in a cute little bottle. I mixed it with the hummus and it was deliciously hot. The pita bread was perfectly toasted and tasted fresh. The best I've had in recent times. The red pepper dip on the other hand was tangy and hot with unique taste. Went well with the pita and the fries.

The wings we had was super juicy and well marinated. I found it to be a tad bit salty but was okay after dipping it in mild peri peri sauce. I also had a couple of mocktails. The Citrus Bliss was kind of too sweet for my liking and the Refresh Mint was all minty and refreshing.

I started off with the mild peri peri sauce which was perfect in heat for me. I tried the hot peri peri too. I though I could handle it in the beginning. But I prefer sticking up with the mild sauce until I get acquainted with the heat of peri peri :) We tried a lot of dishes for main course which included the burgers, pita and wraps. Out of all I tried the chicken wrap which had the juicy strips of chicken with chilli jam and yoghurt sauce. It was delicious with generous amount of chicken and was perfectly spiced. I felt the wrap could've been toasted a bit more. The other wrap I tried was the roasted veggie wrap. Yes you read it right. I did have the veggie one :P I was so intrigued when the manager was explaining the things thrown into this wrap. It has couscous with feta cheese, brinjal and hummus with roasted pepper dip. It was light and super delicious. Felt the Mediterranean touch because of the hummus and the brinjal. I was so stuffed by this time, so had bites of things here and there.

Nandoca's Burger

Chicken Wrap

Roasted Veggies

Roasted veggie wrap
Shambhavi Mishra - Marketing Manager from Nandos Banglore & Snehithi Jambulingam Marketing Manger of Nandos Chennai played the perfect host. Along with their manager, patiently explained the new addition to the menu. Nandos uses supreme meat and marinates with the sauces for 24hrs and the meat is flame grilled and never deep fried. We also learned a lot about operations/values/uniqueness/product quality and much more from them. We were given a tour of the kitchen and it was well organised and super clean. The lovely noon came to an end with some goodies from team Nandos.

Place          : Nandos
Location     : Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram
Cuisine       : Portugese cuisine, veg & non-veg, flame grilled chicken marinated with peri peri sauce is their speciality
Cost          : Since this was bloggers meet couldn't talk about that. Looking at the menu, I guess a meal for two should come around 1000-1200 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only

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