Mini food walk in Sowcarpet

I hope you are aware of my history with food walks. Somewhat made it to the Mylapore food walk. Had to skip the ones that happened in Purasaiwalkam and Besant Nagar. This time the Sowcarpet was scheduled on a Saturday at 5 pm. I set things straight and made myself free for the walk. If everything goes well, it is not nice rite? Got struck with a personal work which got dragged till 5pm. When I came back home after roaming under the scorching sun for more than 5 hours, I was exhausted. I was oscillating between "To go or not to go" and the love for food won the battle this time too. When I started from home it was 5.50 pm. Reached Mehtas, the starting point at 6.30 pm after battling my way through the heavy traffic. Skipped couple of places and started with Mehta Bros Mitaiwala for the vada pav

Mehtas Bros Mithaiwala :

Was crowded and managed to get a vada pav. Priced at 20 bucks, the vada was hot and spicy and easily one of the best vada pav I've had so far. The red chutney smeared inside the pav along with the heat from the crispy vada was an awesome combination.

Novelty Tea house :

My next stop was this place. I recently had an amazing lunch here. Got a tawa pulao and pav bhaji as a takeaway. Folks at home had it for dinner and they loved it to the core. The bhaji was super yumm and very tasty.

Meena Mithai Mandir :

Just peeked in to check what they got to offer. They have a decent collection of savouries. Packed some sev, mixture, cheese balls and boondhi. Everything tasted good.

Kakada Ramprasad :

My shopping for dry fruits and nuts, once in every two months never ends with badam milk from kakada or the lassi from anmol. This time had their famous aloo tikki chat. It was too good. With crispy aloo tikkis drowned in creamy and fresh curd with the chutneys and crunchy veggies and sev it was heaven in a plate. Unfortunately, the jalebis I packed was not that good as they used to be. They left a bitter after taste which was very weird. Paid 70 bucks for aloo tikki and 480 for a kg of jalebi.

Anmol Lassi :

Heaven in a glass is the best I can come up with for this kesar lassi. Thick, fresh, creamy and yummy lassi with the flavour of kesar is simply divine. Priced at 70 bucks for half a glass is absolutely worth the money.

On the way to chotu motu sprained my leg and had to leave half heartedly :(

With the map and other details from Mr.Sridhar, hoping to do a walk on my own with friends soon. Keeping fingers crossed.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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