Novelty Tea House - Mylapore

Novelty Tea House at Sowcarpet was in my wishlist for a very long time. Last month, after shopping, me and my friend dropped here for lunch. We ordered a sweet lassi, salt lassi, aloo paratha and a tawa pulao. Every thing was wonderful. Especially the tawa pulao. It was damn spicy and flavourful. Long grains of rice with crunchy veggies it was kickass.

I was raving about the tawa pulao to my husband and he couldn't withstand my torture and finally agreed to try the outlet in Mylapore. We went on a Thrusday and the restaurant was closed. Talk about signs huh !!! Again we tried it for a Saturday dinner. Waited for a 30 minutes to get a table. Was damn hungry and decided to jump in with the same orders from the Sowcarpet outlet. Along with that we also ordered a garlic naan, methi mutter malai and a cheese masala pav bhaji and paneer tikka. First came the paneer tikka. It was well marinated but the paneer wasn't soft enough. The lassi was too too sour, I sent it back. The ones that came as replacement were sour too. And not chill either. I couldn't take it further so I just left the lassi after couple of sips. The pav bhaji was just so so. The Pav was too oily and soggy and bhaji was way too salty, even without mixing up the cheese.

The garlic naan was spot on. Soft with good amount of garlic sprinkled over, went well with the methi mutter malai. My husband being a sucker for this methi dish, enjoyed it thoroughly. He even said it was "THE BEST" in Chennai. Now that coming from him means that it is out of the world :) The biggest disappointment was the tawa pulao. I gave so much of build up for this and all came down like a house of cards. The pulao was not even hot, barely warm, not spicy at all, no flavour nothing. My husband gave me a look "Idhukka ivlo build up kudutha" and I felt like a fool :( The aloo paratha wasn't that great. With thick, uncooked dough at the ends of the paratha half of it went waste.

Service was pretty quick and after the initial complaint on the lassi, they were pretty hesitant to come to my table :O Paid 1400 bucks for all these, which I feel is not worth the money. From mow on stick on to the original outlet and never try the new ones..

Place        : Novelty Tea House
Location    : Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore (Near Nilgiris)
Cuisine     : Veg only, North Indian predominantly
Cost         : Meal for 2 should come around 1000-1200 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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