Svadishta - Taste of Kumbakonam in Chennai !!!

What should good food do to you? Leave you satisfied. Make you happy? To me it brings back a lot of good memories and my dear ones who showered me their love with their awesome food and who are not with me now. Very rarely I come across such situations remembering the good old days. My mom had three elder sisters. Each one of them were experts in cooking. While the eldest one made amazing sukku kulambu and milagu rasam, the next one was famous for her vathal kulambu and pickles. The last one is the sole reason for me hunting for XXL garments. Every summer holidays, she used to feed me like there is no tomorrow. 10-15 years back when I was in 8th or 9th grade I can easily eat 8-9 dosais with her tomato kothsu or chutney. Be it the cashew murukku, thirattipal, home made ghee (I still get the ghee from her. And my son refuses to take anyother ghee) everything she makes is utterly delicious.

I got reminded of them when I had food from Svadishta. It all started when my neighbour, who is a hard core non-vegetarian was all in praise of veg food. That too tambrahm food. Intrigued by her praise, got the number from her and didn't get a chance to order from them for a long time. One fine day, after coming back home from a trip, realised that I had an empty pantry to pack lunch next day. Exactly at that time, I received the message of next day's menu from them (They add your number to the watsapp group where they share the next day's menu for you to plan). The menu read appalapoo vathakuzhambu, milagu & veppampoo rasam, cabbage kootu and cluster beans paruppu usili. I thought why not try them for tmrw and placed my order. Mr. Prabhu Raam who runs the show along with his mother in law Ms. Kala called me up to explain the process. You can have two options. Either take the meal for single person that comes with rice, curd, appalam & pickle or you can have all things except rice, curd, appalam & pickle which will easily serve two normal eaters. I chose the second option and wanted my food by 11am so that I could pack for my husband.

Food arrived piping hot, neatly packed. Taste was really too good. The vathal kulambu in which the appalam is dipped was lovely. Mix it in hot rice, one handful of that along with the paruppu usili and next handful with the kootu is simply divine. Both, pepper rasam and veppampoo (neem flower) rasam were top notch. I drank them separately :) The beauty of the food is that, you can immediately realise the authentic taste of it. For vathakulambu I could get the smell of gingelly oil. For kootu you get a whiff of coconut oil and so on.

After a week or so again ordered a combo of "Pathiya samyal". The concept is the food is cooked with lots of spices/herbs with medicinal values, which heals the body and soul. Spices like athimathuram or thippili or sukku used in the cooking process. I had the paruppu thuvaiyal (lentil chutney), karuveppillai milagu kuzhambu (curry leaves & pepper gravy), thippili rasam and snake-gourd kootu along with sutta appalam. What a delectable combination it was. The paruppu thuvaiyal with loads of pepper went very well with the kootu. The thippili rasam was simply divine. A lunch like this on a day when you take oil bath is heavelny. And that too the 1-2 hrs sleep you get after the lunch is much more heavenly :P And the best part is the neatly packed pappad. It retained its shape and crunch even after an hour of delivery.

Karuveppilai Milagu Kuzhambu

Thippili Rasam

They also serve variety rice every day at a cost of Rs.50. I tried their puliyodharai. It was good but have had better ones. I felt the dhaniya/corriander seeds were overpowering a little bit.

The menu they provide everyday is very unique and the combination of dishes compliments each other very well. Simple homely stuff and nothing fancy. Atleast once in a week they have this pathiya samayal menu. And some day it's the village speciality. Quantity is enough for two normal eaters. And for the price its absolute value for money.

Right now they are only doing home delivery and are available to the folks in Adyar, Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur alone for free of cost. Other than that they coverr upto Neelangarai in ECR, Thoraipakkam in OMR, Velachery, R.A.Puram and Mylapore for a cost of Rs.30 for delivery. They are having trial runs for dinner and Special sappadu/raja bhojanam on Sundays. Svadishta is available on 9962884623 or 9176315120.

Place              : Svadishta
Location          : Operating on delivery basis. Adyar, Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur are the areas covered
Cost                : A meal for two is 160 with rice and 120 without rice

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only


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