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This place was in my wishlist for quiet sometime. Had to let go an opportunity to dine here with fellow foodies. So when hubby asked me to choose the place for my birthday dinner, I chose this place as he also loves Thai food. Checked in around 9p.m. Located in Cenatoph Road, it's an bungalow remodelled into a restaurant. A buddha statue welcomes you at the entrance. The reception is decorated with colourful umbrellas and a hostess dressed in traditional costume. The restaurant is spacious and the tables are well spaced. The entire place was done in brown. With Thai alphabets (I suppose they are) on one side of the wall, beautiful copper coloured lotus chandelier on top of every table and a cute, small bird cage that holds a candle, the ambiance was very pleasing. We were seated immediately. The place mat is printed with the menu.

We were served a complimentary lime drink and Mian kham (similar to our paan). The miang kham had roasted peanuts, chopped onions, ginger, lime, chilli and toasted coconut along with spinach leaves and palm syrups. We started off with Tom Yum Soup (chicken) and Gai Hor Bai Toey (Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves). The soup was neither thick nor thin. The in between consistency with chicken and mushrooms was spicy and citrus-y. The chicken wrapped in pandan leaves had a brilliant aroma. The chicken was cooked perfectly, crisp on the outside and soft inside.

We settled for Gai Pad Thai (Chicken noodles), Phak Khao Phat (Veg garlic fried rice) and Phak Kaeng Ped (Thai red curry). The noodles enveloped in omelette was delicious. Tangy rice noodles with well cooked chicken and roasted peanuts was very nice. The Thai red curry was mind blowing. Loads of crunchy veggies like broccoli, zucchini, carrots and baby corn it had the perfect balance of flavours. Alas the fried was a disaster. It had no flavour of garlic and it was bland with no flavour. Managed to finish it off with the red curry.

After the main course, we were served lemon grass tea, which worked well as a palate cleanser. We felt the portions to be less in quantity and weren't feeling full. So decided to get desserts for each of us and ordered a Tub Tim Grob (Water Chestnut in coconut milk), Guray Tod (deep fried banana frittters) and Bua Loy (Thai rice balls in coconut milk). Out of the three desserts, the banana fritters was yummilicious. Sliced bananas coated with dessicated coconut, deep fried and served with a scoop of ice cream. It was super hot and vanished in seconds. The Thai rice balls in coconut milk was warm, with sticky rice balls in thick sweetened coconut milk. Loved it. The water chestnut which is my favourite was a big let down. The coconut milk was very thin (they have added a lot of ice to it). The addition of ice had reduced the sweetness by a great level. It's sad to see such a beautiful dessert being spoiled :O

6 out of 8 dishes were perfect and flawless. They could definitely increase the portions. A portion of pad thai will not be sufficient for a person when famished. Service was very quick and attentive. The total bill was around 2800 bucks. Expensive though.

Place      : Absolute Thai
Location  : Cenatoph Road, Teynampet (Opposite to Lanson Toyota Showroom)
Cuisine    : Thai - Veg & Non-veg
Cost        : Very expensive. A meal for two would easily come to 2500 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Absolute Thai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Madurai Kumar Mess - Vadapalani

I was thinking about checking out the new kid in the block, Madurai Kumar Mess. When casually discussing in our foodie group, we all unanimously decided to have lunch here on a weekday. With couple of vehicle changes (Felt like those kidnappers who keep changing vehicles to loose the policemen in movies :P ) we landed there. The place is pretty small and was damn busy. Brightly lit, not much to talk about ambiance it was noisy. We were 7 of us and we squeezed ourselves around a single table. Even though that table was meant for 6, it is pretty small. Two people sitting opposite to each other have to eat from others leaf ;)

We ordered lot of things out of which the initial order being mutton kola urundai, pigeon roast and mutton chukka. Kola urundai (5pc per plate) was salty, mutton chukka was okayish (I like mine to be a bit dry and this one had more gravy). I was having pigeon for the first time and felt the meat to be soft and with pepper overpowering the dish. We started off with 1 mutton biriyani. Made of seeraga samba rice, it failed to impress us. Of all the seeraga samba variants I've tasted so far, I like the ones from Junior Kuppanna a lot. This comes nowhere near to that. Moreover I had this bloating feeling after the biriyani which I don't like.

Pigeon Roast

Mutton Chukka
We were quiet disappointed with the taste and portion as we expected more. For the next round we had brain, vavval, vanjiram and viral fries, boneless crab, crab omlette, suvarotti (spleen), some more biriyani and cup meals.

I'm tasting the brain and spleen for the first time. While the brain was soft and tasted more like boiled egg (They cook it with mixing egg in it), the spleen was nothing great. Crab dishes were so so. Out of the three fish fries, I liked vanjiram more. It had better marination compared to the other two. Viral was okayish and vavval lacked flavour/salt. Cup meals priced at 75, comes with a small portion of rice, chicken gravy, fish gravy, keerai, veg poriyal, rasam and more. Keerai was horrible, rasam was warm and good.


Vavval fry

Viral fry

Crab boneless

Vanjiram fry

Suvarotti / Spleen

Crab omelette
Even their famous ayira meen kuzhambu was very average in taste. A good dish was spoiled as one of us found a strand of hair in the dish. On notifying they apologised and said will replace the dish. We could clearly see the same thing being served to us in a different dish and we didnt make a fuss about it.

Service was pretty quick and polite. They gave us a lot of recommendations. The total bill was 4900 bucks which was split amongst us. All of us personally felt that 700 per head was too much for the quantity and taste. Out of all these things we had, I couldn't name a single dish that impressed me. Everything was pretty average in taste. And the portions are too too less for the pricing. The dish/cup size is slightly bigger than the cups in which sambhar/rasam are served in meals. They really have to look into the portion sizes as well as taste soon. After all one cannot ride on the name for a long time rite ??!!!

Place        : Madurai Kumar Mess
Location    : Vadapalani, next building to Lakshman sruthi
Cuisine     : Tamilnadu non - veg delicacies
Cost         : A meal for 2 would come around 1400-1500 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Madurai Kumar Mess  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Magic Hob

A post about this place from a foodie friend of mine left me thinking why not try this place? That too the burrito left me craving. Ordered a baked bean burrito and oriental burrito for dinner. Ordering through the website was smooth as butter. Food arrived on time piping hot. The packing was neat and no spillage. I was told that the pack was microwaveable. But there was no need for that. Hubby took the baked bean burrito and I had the oriental one. The burritos are cut into two pieces and came along with mayo (chilli mayo for oriental burrito), salsa and seasoning. The tacos was soft, thin and perfectly baked. The baked bean burrito filling was sumptuous. It had more rice and less beans. Taste was pretty good. The oriental burrito had schezwan flavoured rice and batter fried cauliflower florets. It was absolutely yumm. Rice flavoured perfectly and the crunchy cauliflower florets were delicious. The chilli mayo was the perfect accompaniment to the burrito.

Burritos were priced at 220 bucks. For the portion and quality I feel it was pretty good. I spoke to Shwetha, the brain behind magic hob and mentioned about the beans - rice ratio in the baked bean burrito. She said she'll look into that.

Recently, a week ago again ordered lunch from them. This time I wanted to try the Indian menu. I ordered pyaz ka kulcha and mirch kolhapuri. This time too the delivery was on time and the food was hot. It had 4 pieces of kulcha and generous portion of mirch kolhapuri. The kulcha was perfect, non-chewy and had mildly spiced onions in the stuffing. The subji was mind blowing. Rich spicy and a bit tangy gravy with mirchi stuffed with ground almond, cashews and paneer. Portions were huge for a normal eater. I felt stuffed till nose after having it. Priced at 190 bucks this one is absolute value for money.

Ordering, delivery and taste are excellent. A little bit of fine tuning is needed in the continental offerings. Still given the portion size and taste, I feel the money spent is worth.

They also have a concept of ready to cook meals. They provide all the ingredients and recipe needed and one can cook indian/continental/oriental cuisines. Got to try that out soon. The rotating menu can be viewed and ordered at MagicHob

Place           : Magic Hob
Location      : Online Caterers
Cuisine        : Continental, Oriental and Indian - Veg only
Cost            : A meal for two should cost 400 bucks approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal (multiple) experiences only.
MagicHob.com Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Kumaravel Chettinad Meals, Teynampet

Thanks to the high fever, cough n cold and yeah to the rains also. I was on house arrest mode for the past ten days and was put on a bland diet. So ten days (add the diwali week to it) of no spice and meat left me mad and craving for anything spicy. When I felt better (after those severe antibiotic course) the first thing I wanted to do is eat some nice spicy meaty food. Fellow foodie buddies were also planning to meet up for lunch. So we all landed at Kumaravel Chettinad Mess for lunch. The place can seat around 20 ppl at a time and was very clean and well maintained. It was almost empty when we went and later crowd started pouring in.

A pack of 8.5 carnivores and a poor veggie soul were ready to attack whatever came our way. We had several plates of prawn masala, brain, liver, mutton chukka, chicken roast, sura puttu, quail, fish fry etc. Out of all liked the prawn masala a lot. Small prawns cooked perfectly in a spicy peppery masala, it was yumm. Sura puttu and chicken podimas were good too. The shredded meat along with crunchy onions and the tadka was very good. Chicken 65 was delicious. The meat was soft and juicy and the marination was quite unique with a mild tangy flavour.

Other dishes like the mutton chukka, chicken roast, quail and all had wonderful meat but unfortunately the masala was pretty same in all the meat. That was kind of boring. May be it happens when you order almost all the items off the menu :P

I'm not a big fan of dishes like brain, liver and botti. Tasted brain alone and felt it needs more masala. Friends who had liver and botti found it to be average only. The fish fry was well cooked but very less spicy inspite of asking for a spicy version. For mains we ordered few chicken biriyani and non veg meals. The meals seemed to be good. Comes with a chicken, mutton gravies and a curry and kootu. Even the veggie soul liked their sambhar and karakuzhambu a lot. I tasted little bit of rasam and it was excellent. While the meals was scoring good feedback, biriyani was a disaster. Rice was not cooked properly. Masala was not enough and even the little masala they had didn't blend properly. Flavour was missing. But the accompanying gravy was very good.

Service was a bit slow. They were struggling to manage the crowd and keep up with the orders. The total bill was 4k which summed up to 600 per head approximately. They didn't charge for the biriyani which was a good gesture from their side. Will definitely go back for meals soon.

Place           : Kumaravel Chettinad Meals
Location       : Eldams Road, Teynampet
Cuisine         : Chettinadu, Non - veg predominantly
Cost             : A meal for two would cost 500 bucks approximately.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

Kumaravel Chettinad Meals Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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