Thanks Giving feast at Weigh-Out

When it comes to festivals, I'm more than satisfied with humongous list of festivals we get to celebrate. I'm not a person who is interested in celebrating western festivals / special days unless it involves food :D Of course if it has food, that too specially to that particular festival, I don't mind pretending that I enjoy the festival :P So our foodie gang was planning to check out this fairly new restaurant called Weigh-Out. As the name suggest the USP of this place is that one can pay based on the weight of the food they eat. You first check into the restaurant, get your table, then a card. Fill your plate with the delicacies you like from the spread and weigh it in the counter (The weight of the plate is deducted from the total weight), eat and finally pay it as Rs. 0.75/gram

We were unable to make the plans workout on the Thanks Giving day. So we reserved a feast for 8 on the next day. The restaurant is located in Greams Road (in one of the side lanes) and parking is not an issue. The place is quiet spacious with more tables laid with good space between them. The food counter is in the centre and has this weighing stations at 4 different places around the spread. Once seated we were served complimentary drinks. Some pineapple flavoured tang/rasna. I wish the restaurants stop serving these kind of artificial stuffs as complimentary. Since our feast was a pre designed menu, we didn't explore much of the spread. Just had few starters, which weren't that impressive. We 
had chicken tikka, bbq buffalo wings and a couple of veg starters. The baby corn fry was pretty good. BBQ wings tasted more like a manchurian.

The turkey feast had 

Pumpkin Soup -  Okayish. Can't expect much from pumpkin soup. A tad bit more cream would've made the soup lip smackingly good.

Garlic bread - An average one. Nothing extraordinary.

Roast turkey -  We had one full turkey roasted. It took more time for them to serve the turkey inspite of making the reservations a day in advance. Meat was perfectly cooked (except for one or two servings which we felt the meat to be undercooked). But the accompanying gravies failed to lift the dish leaving it a sad bland turkey.

Cranberry sauce - There was nothing cranberry in the sauce. No tanginess, no heat and no flavour.

Mashed potatoes - One of the dishes that tasted good for the day. Still it was more grainy and not buttery smooth as mentioned in the feast menu.

Spicy Gravy - Again a gravy which was not that spicy. But somehow it tried hard to pair up with the turkey.

Cheesy nuggets - As per the menu we were supposed to get a green bean casserole. We were waiting for it for a long time and upon asking them, we were told that the green bean casserole was replaced with the cheesy nuggets which was served in the beginning. It was just potato cutlet kinda stuff with no trace of cheese.

Mac N Cheese - Oh boy oh boy ! This one was the high time disappointment. It tasted more like overcooked, curdled version of Mac n Cheese. Not inedible though. Tasted more like curd rice.

Apple Pie : The only dessert in the feast served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pie crust was too dough-y. It was neither buttery nor crumbly. And the pie filling was okayish. Little bit more cinnamon would've been nice.

Service was slow and flustered. The feedback on turkey and the gravy with other dishes were given. Along with two plates of starter, we ended up paying 3.4k after 20% of discount. Roughly around 400 odd bucks per head, seems to be pocket friendly. But for the taste and quality it was not worth the money.

Place            : Weigh - Out
Cuisine         : Buffet on USP Pay by weight
Location       : Greams Road
Cost             : The turkey feast for 8 was priced at 3000.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Weigh-Out Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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