Jonah's Bistro, Besant Nagar

A foodie friend was in Chennai for a short trip. We all wanted to meet and folks arrived at the decision of dinner at Jonah's. We were 8 of us and for me it was first time at Jonah's in Besant Nagar. We had an ardent fan of Jonah's with us. So we left him the headache of ordering stuff for us. We started off with Fritto Misto, Turkey bacon wrapped chicken, Panko chicken with chilli mayo, hot garlic beef and grilled chicken wings. The fritto misto was yummy to bits. The batter fried seafood was light and fresh and with the tartar sauce it was simply delicious. Turkey bacon wrapped chicken was good and vanished in seconds. Though the panko chicken was good, the pieces were too big. It would've been great to have bite sized pieced instead of fillets. The wings were a total disappointment. There was no flavour to the meat. On notifying the staff, they gave us another plate of wings which too had the same problem as the previous one. One more plate came with different sauce yet it was of no use. We also had a mixed seafood platter as complimentary. I felt it to be salty.

Main course was smoked chilli rice with beef, jonah's steak, classic steak, wiener schnitzel and fish meuniere. The fish meuniere I had was just brilliant. Grilled fish (seer fish) in lemon n butter sauce with a tinge of garlic served along with mashed potatoes and veggies it was delicious. Next to the fish I liked the wiener schnitzel (sheeesssh!!! Whattey a name). While the classic steak was excellent with pepper n onion sauce, the jonah's steak was tough n chewy. This one was replaced with another batch even that was slightly chewy. The smoked chilli rice was pretty okay. There was nothing smoky nor chilli about the dish. It was creamy and good.

Service was flawless. They were very attentive as well as open for feedback. At some point we were begging them to stop replacing the dishes which had some issues :P Also the steak and wings were not billed which was much appreciable. The total cost was around 3.5k which worked out to 500 bucks per head.

Will definitely go back for the fish and the classic steak.

Place          : Jonah's Bistro
Location      : 2nd avenue, (Above krishna sweets), Besant Nagar
Cuisine        : Continental. Serves Beef
Cost            : A tad bit pricey. A meal for two would come around 1800 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Jonah's Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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