Bombay KulfI - Happiness straight from Mumbai

With more and more desserts, particularly ice cream places storming the city, the latest addition to Adyar after Swensens is Bombay Kulfi. I used to live a throne away from this place. Sigh!!! I move out of Bessie and one after the other more places are coming up.

Bombay kulfi shares it's small place with Tuscana on Sastri nagar. Easy to locate and approachable with decent parking space is a major advantage for them. The store is tiny with the goodies in the chiller one side and few seats on the other. I went during lunch time on a weekday and met Mr. Hitesh who owns the place. Since I didn't have lunch I was able to taste quite a lot of varieties and packed some too.

I learnt from Mr. Hitesh that the kulfi and ice cream are made in Mumbai by one of the famous brands. Kulfis are made using buffalo milk which reflects in the rice creamy texture. The ice creams are made using natural ingredients alone.

Kulfis are available in the form of discs n sticks. Discs alone you can have half of them. I started off with kesar Pista and gulkandh. The kesar Pista was simply delicious with strong kesar and subtle Pista flavours. The gulkandh was amazing with perfect flavour. In fact I could feel bits of rose petals here n there. After this I went straight to the Calcutta paan ice cream. It was a delight. I felt the sweetness to be tad bit low but again that's personal preference as I'm a person  with sweet tooth.

I tried the mango and sitaphal kulfi in stick. The mango was mind blowing. Excellent flavour of Alphonso, I felt like eating the pulp itself. While the flavour of mango was strong the sitaphal was mild and made a perfect match for the whole kulfi. I was full by then. Still wanted to try few of their signature kulfis and ice creams. Packed roasted almond, tender coconut ice creams, mango, malai, sholay  (a mix of black currant, orange and butterscotch ) and lychee kulfis.

Loved the malai kulfi. It was so creamy that I could taste the cream/fat for a long time. Kid loved the mango and the disc vanished in minutes. The roasted almond had a distinct flavour of almonds with lots of slivered almonds.

Kulfis are priced from 35 bucks and goes upto 55 bucks based on the flavour. 50gms for 35 bucks is a steal given the taste of the kulfis. They've got around 30+ flavours currently and are planning to introduce more flavours too.

Place   : Bombay Kulfi
Location : Sastri nagar, Adyar  (Below Tuscana)
Cuisine : Kulfis and natural flavoured ice creams.
Cost       : should be around 100 -150 for two.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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Brick House Bistro, Alwarpet

A sudden change in plans took us to this place for lunch. Located in the by lanes of Eldams Road, the place is small. Really small when compared to the Anna nagar outlet. When we walked in there was no sign of any staff even though a table was occupied. After about 5 minutes the staff handed us the menu. We quickly decided and ordered a chicken nuggets, king club sandwich and BHB beef burger with blue curaco and orange sunrise.

The nuggets were simply yummy. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside, we polished it off with the thousand island dip. And all the good things came to an end here. The burger was cold. And the bun was a disaster. Both the texture and taste of the bun was bad as if it was a old stock. The beef patty was good but not juicy as it used to be in the other outlet. Cheese wasn't melted and the salami was not toasted as described in the menu and it was way too salty.

The king club sandwich too had the same problem with the bread. The bread was very hard and the filling was just blah. Both the drinks were too sweet and syrupy. We informed the staff about the bread. And they waived off 50 % from the bill. But we insisted paying the whole amount as we did eat the patty and the filling and paid 1k for the meal.

The service has to be fixed too. Most of the time the staff disappear behind the door (kitchen) and there is no one to man the dining area.

Overall a not so pleasant experience from BHB.

Place    : Brick House Bistro
Location : Eldams Road, Alwarpet
Cuisine : Burgers and sandwiches. Serves beef.
Cost : A meal for two would come around 1000.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

Brick House Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Mexicano Griller

What is the perfect way to spoil a Sunday meal ? Well there are lots. Too much of waiting time for the table in-spite of reservations, the food taking ages to come, tasteless food, painstakingly slow service and so on. How will you feel if you experience all of the above? Definitely not an experience to cherish.

We wanted to have a relaxed Sunday lunch and hubby wanted Mexican. Since we've been to Don Pepe umpteen times I dragged him to this place. The unlimited buffet is what attracted me. Went ahead and made reservations for 3 of us at 1pm. Thanks to the traffic, we made it to the place at 1.20pm. We were given a table at 1.50 pm. I expected a 10-15 mins delay but 30 minutes was too much. That too after repeated reminders they gave us a table in the balcony space. Cramped in the corner, but we were okay and adjusted with the kid. Our plan was to have 1 veg and 1 non-ve buffet. The concept is you can order anything and everything from the menu. Unlimited. We started off with a chipotle chicken soup and a veg nachos soup. Veg nachos and quesadilla and spicy chicken wings and chicken tacos. Food arrived after a good 20-25mins. That too the soup alone. Chicken soup alone. It tasted nothing but paruppu rasam with chicken pieces. The veg soup never came. The wings and nachos came after another 10mins. Nothing to rave about. Tender meat and decent marination. Taste was more like tangdi kebab and not Mexican wings :O Nachos was like corn chips thrown on a plate with some beans and cheese. The addition of veggies (they were supposed to be grilled but they were like boiled - so soft). No salsa. Yes no salsa for nachos. I asked the staff to bring some salsa. 3-4 repeated reminders, still no sign of salsa. We were so famished that we ate that tasteless stuff. After several reminders, there was no sign of food. They kept bringing the wings again and again. I had to go down and talk to the manager and inform him about the delay of food. After that they bought the quesadilla. Not to brag, I make better quesadilla with store bought tortillas. The tortillas were under cooked and tasted dough-y. The filling was tasteless with bare minimum cheese and some yellow bell pepper.

The tacos I've tasted so far used to be soft shell or hard corn shell. Never I've had deep fried tacos. Even that was not corn flour, it was made of wheat flour. Too oily and tasted like poori. The filling was pretty decent though. The pasta was the only saviour in the main course. It was creamy and tasted yumm with chunks of well cooked chicken. The pizza was yet another disaster. The pizza base was nothing but toasted tortilla. I guess they would've run short of the pizza dough. If not they should seriously think about buying the pizza base from a local bakery. They make better ones IMHO. Even the chimichangas was a flop shop. The tortilla wrap was too thick and undercooked at some places. Again wheat flour base making it taste like poori. And the filling was terrible. A dry mix of shredded chicken and chilli flavoured rice. No sign of beans or cheese. Mexican grilled fish took its own time to get grilled, leaving me grilled by my hunger. By the time it arrived, I lost my appetite and the sight of the dish made me lose interest in having it. A couple of fillets in a plate. That's it. No grilled veggies/mashed potatoes/fries/wedges not even a dip by the side. No cutleries either. I had to wait for another 5 mins for a fork. And the fish was super smelly and tasted too salty.

The only thing that arrived within 10mins of ordering was the dessert. Well they were very simple. Brownie with ice cream and flan is what we ordered. After all the experience I didn't even want to think about ordering the chocolate tortilla.  Desserts were okayish and I didn't expect to have a great ones either.

Service was irritatingly slow. Chaos is the one word I would use to describe the service. The staff had no clue of what they were serving or which table to serve. They were just running around pointing each other when asked for something. Later, the manager informed me that some of his staff were on leave that day. Well that cannot be used as an excuse rite? Regarding the feedback on food, it was clearly seen that he doesn't want to listen the complaints. So I didn't bother giving him an elaborate one. Paid 2085 bucks (675 for non-veg & 300 for the kid + taxes). Utter waste of money. I would've had a more satisfying meal for the same price at Don Pepe. A sheer waste of time and money. Perfect way to spoil a Sunday meal :(

Place       : Mexicano Griller
Location : Sterling Avenue, Nungambakkam, Near Loyola college
Cuisine   : Mexican Veg & Non - Veg
Cost         : A meal for two should cost around 1500 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. 
Mexicano Griller Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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The Royal experience at MBessy - The Republic of Gastronomy

A lunch meet with a friend, scheduled at a place, which was apparently closed for the day lead us to this place after skipping few other options. And I was thanking that the place we were supposed to have lunch was closed. M'Bessy is the new rich and stylish looking resto bar in Esthell hotel. The moment I entered I was swept off my feet by the look and feel of the place. It was so beautiful. From the chairs to the chandeliers to the cutleries, even the napkin holders were giving a royal feel to the place.

We quickly settled and started ordering. The menu card, errr should I say that, the big slab in which the menu was printed was handed over to us. Somebody has to hold it for us every time as it was quiet big, heavy and uncomfortable to hold on to :P We had Citrus Junction and a beat the heat for mock-tails. While waiting for the mock-tail, we were served a complimentary bread basket with spicy mayo and pesto dip. The bread basket unless like in other places was fresh, warm and had different types of bread which tasted very good. The citrus junction was bursting with citrus-y flavours. For starters we were suggested the MBessy spiced chicken on skewers served with a blue cheese dip. Oh it was so yummy. The meat was super tender and the marination was very good. We learned later that they use a peri peri spice mix. The blue cheese dip was spot on and made an excellent accompaniment to the starters. We also had BBQ beef meat balls. It tasted good with the tangy bbq sauce. It would've been great if the meat balls were a bit more juicier.

We decided to share our main course, so that we can gorge upon the desserts. After going through various options, we settled on Pizza Carnivore. With black forest ham, chorizo, smoked chicken, beef meat balls, lamb ragout and bull's eye it was one hell of a pizza. Meat overloaded I should say. Pizza was 8 inches and had 6 slices. One of the best thin crust pizzas I've ever tasted. I personally felt it needed to be a tad bit more saucy and cheesy. But while interacting with the chef Mr. Balaji, we found out that cheese was kept minimal as the pizza will turn soggy with so much of toppings. We enjoyed it to the core.

We decided the desserts in the beginning itself. Shab went with deconstructed tiramisu and I had a chocolate terrine. Both of them tasted excellent. The light mascarpone with espresso & rum soaked sponge squares were a delight. I felt that the addition of fresh cream to be unnecessary. But hey who complaints. Tiramisu was served along with hazelnut gelato which was yumm. Coming to the chocolate terrine, that was the best way of ending an excellent meal. Beautifully plated, the terrine was simply amazing. The smooth dark chocolate terrine with the strawberry coulis was divine. Actually before serving the desserts, when they handed us the dessert spoon, I was laughing over the size of the dessert spoon. It looked more like a soup spoon. But once the desserts arrived I understood. The portion was pretty huge.

Plating and presentation of every course was phenomenal. Excellent service and very knowledgeable and extremely courteous staff. When we found a very small foil in the chicken, right from the staff, the manager and even the chef came and apologised for it. The total damage was 3000 bucks after a 10 % discount. It is definitely pricey, but worth the quality and quantity of the food.

Place               : M'Bessy Kitchen & Bar
Location           : Ground Floor, Esthell Hotel, Besant Avenue Adyar
Cuisine            : Continental & Italian- Veg & Non-veg serves beef & pork
Cost                : A meal for two would come around 3000 ++

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. M'BESSY Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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