Bombay KulfI - Happiness straight from Mumbai

With more and more desserts, particularly ice cream places storming the city, the latest addition to Adyar after Swensens is Bombay Kulfi. I used to live a throne away from this place. Sigh!!! I move out of Bessie and one after the other more places are coming up.

Bombay kulfi shares it's small place with Tuscana on Sastri nagar. Easy to locate and approachable with decent parking space is a major advantage for them. The store is tiny with the goodies in the chiller one side and few seats on the other. I went during lunch time on a weekday and met Mr. Hitesh who owns the place. Since I didn't have lunch I was able to taste quite a lot of varieties and packed some too.

I learnt from Mr. Hitesh that the kulfi and ice cream are made in Mumbai by one of the famous brands. Kulfis are made using buffalo milk which reflects in the rice creamy texture. The ice creams are made using natural ingredients alone.

Kulfis are available in the form of discs n sticks. Discs alone you can have half of them. I started off with kesar Pista and gulkandh. The kesar Pista was simply delicious with strong kesar and subtle Pista flavours. The gulkandh was amazing with perfect flavour. In fact I could feel bits of rose petals here n there. After this I went straight to the Calcutta paan ice cream. It was a delight. I felt the sweetness to be tad bit low but again that's personal preference as I'm a person  with sweet tooth.

I tried the mango and sitaphal kulfi in stick. The mango was mind blowing. Excellent flavour of Alphonso, I felt like eating the pulp itself. While the flavour of mango was strong the sitaphal was mild and made a perfect match for the whole kulfi. I was full by then. Still wanted to try few of their signature kulfis and ice creams. Packed roasted almond, tender coconut ice creams, mango, malai, sholay  (a mix of black currant, orange and butterscotch ) and lychee kulfis.

Loved the malai kulfi. It was so creamy that I could taste the cream/fat for a long time. Kid loved the mango and the disc vanished in minutes. The roasted almond had a distinct flavour of almonds with lots of slivered almonds.

Kulfis are priced from 35 bucks and goes upto 55 bucks based on the flavour. 50gms for 35 bucks is a steal given the taste of the kulfis. They've got around 30+ flavours currently and are planning to introduce more flavours too.

Place   : Bombay Kulfi
Location : Sastri nagar, Adyar  (Below Tuscana)
Cuisine : Kulfis and natural flavoured ice creams.
Cost       : should be around 100 -150 for two.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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