Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

I always wanted to go for a road trip covering all the famous eateries. My brother is a big fan of border kadai and he visits courtallam just for eating here. When I heard that they are opening in T.Nagar I was very happy. They were slammed across social media for slow service and other stuffs. Our foodie gang decided to give them some time to settle. Yesterday, Shab and myself checked in for lunch. Located in GN Chetty road with ample car parking space is a huge place. The ground level is done with glass on one side. Apparently they have a ac hall in first floor which we didn't know until we finished our lunch. By 1pm the place was fairly occupied. We settled and placed our orders quickly. We ordered a portion of mutton biriyani, one border parotta each, one nattukozhi (country chicken) pepper, a kadai fry and masala kalakki.

Mutton biriyani arrived quickly. When I started serving the biryani from the vessel to my plate, spotted a elaichi. Warned Shab and started thoor varifying. To my relief there was nothing more, other than few pieces of cloves and tomato. Biriyani was made of basmati rice. Well cooked, perfect in flavour with juicy mutton pieces. I would prefer my biriyani to be a bit more spicier but no complaints. The accompanying bahara baingan was spot on. Thick and creamy, mildly tangy it was simply delicious. The best I've had so far. More than the brinjal curry, the chicken salna was perfect with the biriyani. Salna gave the biriyani the extra spiciness it needed.

Nattukozhi pichipottadhu was mindblowing. Perfectly cooked meat with freshly ground pepper dominating the taste it was the best dish of the day. Kadai fry was lip smackingly delicious. With a mild tinge of coconut oil, kadai was well marinated and tasted spicy and the meat was juicy. Both of us craved for more and didn't even leave a trace of meat off the bones :D

Coming to the important part of the meal, parotta was soft and flaky. I would like it to be more hot. This one was barely warm. But I soaked it in the chicken salna and moved on to the biriyani. When I came back to this little beauty, it had soaked up the salna well and tasted superb. The chicken salna was spot on. Perfect in flavours and spice with a touch of coconut it was great. We also ordered a egg veechu parotta. The best I've had so far. Crispy golden spots here and there, fluffy egg layer and soft at the same time I absolutely loved this. I'm not a big fan of kalaki. The masala kalaki was good with crunchy onions. A little bit more salt and spice would've lifted this dish to another level.

Service was quick and friendly. Everyone who served us made sure that we were comfortable and they were very accommodative. When I asked for a chilled pepsi/coke, they said they don't have it, but they offered to buy it from outside. Paid a total of 700 bucks which is absolutely worth the money given the taste. I'm definitely going back for that salna and nattukozhi.

Place      : Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai
Location : GN Chetty road, T. Nagar
Cuisine   : South India - Non vegetarian.
Cost       : A meal for two would cost around 500-600 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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