Oreo Compulsive Disorder - For the love of Oreo

Who doesn't love oreo? When it comes to cookies, the only two packed ones I'm crazy about are oreo and Brittania bourborn. Every time I buy a pack of oreo, I'll say to myself that I'm not going to eat more than one at a time. After the first oreo, it'll be always okay just 2 more and lemme stop there. And I'll stop after the pack is empty. If it has to be stopped with 1-2 they won't sell it in pack of 12. Will they :P

Since I find it to be too addictive I've almost stopped buying them. And whenever I yield to the temptations same story above. Sometimes I do experiments with oreo. Crush them, mix it with some condensed millk and have it as a dip to my apples. Healthy snacking I say :D The sinful oreo burger - Stack 3-4 oreos with nutella and peanut butter smeared between each cookie. Refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes (patience lesson 101) and eat them. Oreo + dulce de leche makes another heavenly combination. Wait I think I can write a cookbook with just oreo as the main ingredient :)

In instagram, when the notification showed that OCD (Oreo Compulsive Disorder) started following me, I was intrigued by the name and while checking the profile, it was a pleasant surprise that they are from Namma Chennai. Immediately pinged them and got the details. They've three flavours of oreos in three different chocolates. Regular, chocolate and strawberry oreo dunked in milk, white and dark chocolates respectively. My love to oreo is strictly for the regular flavour. I do accept chocolate but strawberry oreos I hate them (even the orange ones). You need to place your orders a day in advance. A pack of 9 assorted ones costs 150 bucks. They do COD with additional delivery charges based on the location. I went ahead and placed my orders for an assorted box and requested them to skip that strawberry oreos in the box.

Initial plan was that I'll pick up the stuff from one of their kitchens in Nelson Manickam road. But it ended up as COD to Korattur. Neatly packed in a rectangular boxes, with a handwritten message,  the beauties were so welcoming. After the usual routine of clicking few pics, took a white chocolate one. First bite and realised it was strawberry oreo. Sigh!!! Kept it back in the box. The second one covered in dark chocolate was a regular oreo. Thank god. It was yumm. A perfect coating of dark chocolate and every bite (well for me its just two) was a trip to heaven and back. All the three chocolates were bliss (Unfortunately I encountered one more strawberry under milk chocolate). Refrigerate for 10-15 mins and they taste even better. With thick and hard shell of chocolate and the chilled crumbly oreo in between is an amazing experience for a oreo lover like me.

Priced at 150 bucks, it's absolutely worth the money (except for the mix up in my order)for the love of oreo :) Others may feel it to be little bit overpriced. I paid 150+ 64 bucks (delivery charges) They can be reached at 9445454330.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. OCD Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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