This place was in my wishlist for quite sometime. I interacted with the brains behind Westfield in a radio show (yes I was live on the show :D) and had a bite of waffle with maple syrup. Even when it was not hot/warm the waffles tasted pretty good. Westfield is a small kiosk situated at Besant Nagar (The same building which houses sandwich square, kebab it and other popular kiosks near the beach). One fine day, took the kid for his share of ice cream and Westfield being nearby, I thought of having something from there. Got myself a lolly waffle with nutella. They pour the batter over the iron with a stick at one end and it comes out beautifully. After trimming the edges, the lolly is dusted with powdered sugar and nutella is spread across it. Taste wise it was very good. Warm waffles, crispy at the edges and spongy inside and the nutella complimenting the sugarless waffles very well. 

I learnt from Saranya & Reena, two young and energetic ladies that the waffles doesn't have eggs, maida or sugar. They use powdered sugar for dusting alone. During my second visit I had the Gaufre de Bruxelles (that was tough on the tongue :P) . The traditional way of eating the Gaufre is to eat it with sliced bananas and maple syrup as told by Saranya. So I went with her suggestion. The light and fluffy waffles with the sweet maple syrup and ripened bananas  was absolutely delicious. The bland/sweetless waffles paired up well with the maple syrup.

Since I skipped lunch, I had the appetite for one more waffle :D I thought of trying the other variant they had, Poffertjes - mini Dutch pancakes. The griddle looks more like our kuzhi paniyaram kadai and even the mini pancakes resembles our very own kuzhi paniyaram. I wanted try them with vanilla ice cream and strawberry compote. Unfortunately they were running out of vanilla ice cream and had to settle for chocolate ice cream and nutella. Bite sized pancakes arranged neatly, dusted with sugar and topped with chocolate ice cream and nutella was blissful. I personally felt that the pancakes were a notch lesser than the lolly waffles or the Gaufre. But with all other toppings, there was no complaint in the taste.

Pricing and service are perfect. The lolly waffles are priced at 80 and the Gaufre at 120 and Poffertjes at 70. You can choose your own toppings and sauces from the list. The orders are served within 5minutes (I went on a weekday. Weekend scenario may be entirely different) and they are very eager to get the feedback and help in all the way they can. I'm definitely going back to try the Poffertjes and Gaufre with Vanilla ice cream and strawberry compote

Place        : Westfield
Location    : Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar
Cuisine     : Belgian Waffles and Dutch pancakes. 
Cost         : 200-300 for two ppl approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Also it is based on multiple visits to the same place over a period of time.
Westfield Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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