Ya Mohideen Biryani and the curse of Vatha Kuzhambu !!!

Karma is b***h !!

A calm and composed weekday noon. By the time I switched off the gas after cooking Manathakkali vatha kuzhambu and beans paruppu usili, I got a call from Shab saying "I'm heading to Pallavaram to pick up biryani from Ya Mohideen. Do you want? I can drop it at ur home?" I told her I just finished cooking and will try it sometime later. We were talking about going there and having biriyani in the car n all. Again after 10mins she messaged "Are you sure? Mutton biryani it is". Now I was in a dilemma. I love both biriyani and vatha kuzhambu. They are like my eyes. Choosing amidst them is very difficult (Now these are the problems faced by a tambrahm :D) After a good 10 mins of "Trishava illa Divyava" I finally sided with the biriyani saying, the kuzhambu will taste well in the night. I didn't know that time my vatha kuzhambu was fuming at me choosing biryani over it. Shab was very sweet and she dropped a pack of piping hot biryani at my place :)

The aroma was quite inviting and I didn't have patience to click more pics. So just took a couple of pics and started unpacking it. First shock was the amount of raitha and brinjal gravy. Hardly 2-3 spoonfuls (The one in the pic is the total amount). That's it. How will it be sufficient for the big portion? Raitha was just few slices of onions coated in curd. And the brinjal gravy was super tangy like raw tamarind. I started digging in. First bite. Woahhhh. I encountered that small bomb I hate the most. Elaichi. Was so irritated and started "thoor varifying" y biriyani. What the hell? 6 pieces of that s**t in 1/4 portion of biryani. (Even then I didn't realise that it was the curse from the vatha kuzhabu.) By the time, the biryani had lost its warmth. Reheated in the oven and started having it. Decent taste but definitely not the best I've had so far. It was oily and the three pieces literally had no meat. Only bones. There were lumps of masala here n there which was again very disappointing. And I found 3-4 pieces of tomato too. What the hell. Sigh !! For this much of irritants and average taste, I won't travel all the way to pallavaram. Thanks Shab for saving me from that trouble :D

After cleaning the plates, the vatha kuzhambu in the vessel was laughing at me :O That day I made a promise. Never in my life, I will let go vatha kuzhambu for something else.

Place     : Ya Mohideen
Location : Pallavaram
Cuisine   : Biriyani- Mutton & Chicken
Cost       : A portion of biriyani costs 160 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Ya Mohideen Biryani Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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