Atho - Burmese Street food at Parrys Corner Chennai

Last week was a busy week. We hogged daily almost two meals a day for 4 days :D When I realised I was free (read kid was at his grandparents place) for one whole week, the first thing I thought was at any cost I've to go to Parrys for having Atho and Mohinga. Executed the plan on the very first day of the week. After a overdose of chocolates at Zuka, we headed straight to Parrys. After getting recommendation  and exact location from Suds, we reached the place early. Too early that they just arrived and had started setting up. They said it'll take atleast 30 minutes to serve the atho and we were like "We are not going anywhere without tasting atho". All the while we were watching them setting up to dish out atho. The thick orange coloured noodles, salt water, tamarind extract, garlic oil, chilli flakes, onions, bejo and loads of cabbage goes into the atho. They toss all these ingredients in a big vessel and top it with some corriander. The atho was simply delicious. With the crunchiness from the bejo, onions and cabbage, soft well cooked noodles and the unique flavour from garlic oil and the mild tanginess from the tamarind extract it was worth travelling all the way from the South of Chennai.

A thick, spicy and flavourful soup with big chunks of plantain takes this dish to a whole new level. I liked the soupy version much more. Then we had the egg with fried onions. A small slit is made in the hard boiled eggs and are stuffed with deep fried onions and some chilli flakes. Just before serving they are dipping it in tamarind extract and garlic oil. The caramelised onions and the chilli flakes rendered excellent flavours to the egg.

We witnessed the making of atho fry rite from setting up the tava to fry it. A humongous amount of cabbage along with loads of chilli powder is stir fried first. Then the special egg gravy goes in along with the noodles. Lots of eggs are added in and the entire mixture is fried nicely. It may sound easy to read. It's hell lot difficult to stir such a huge amount. We just took half plate of the fry. It tasted good with egg dominating all the other flavours. I still side with the soupy atho over anything else.

Prices are very much pocket friendly. Paid 100 bucks for all these (the veg atho is for 50 bucks. Half plate of fried atho for 40 and the egg is 10 bucks each) which is absolutely worth the money. This is the first shop in the second line beach road. Cross the parry building and take the left after the SBI ATM. This shop is in the first right bang opposite to a juice shop and a hotel called senthur.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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