Canadian Crepe Company

After a not so satisfying dinner at Safari, we decided to check this new kid in the town for desserts. Located in one of the by lanes of greams road (near Plan B), we didn't have much trouble in finding this place. With 5-6 tables on one side and an open kitchen on the other, this place was brightly lit. The decor was soft and the ambiance was very pleasing. Their menu is limited and simple. 3-4 savoury and dessert crepes along with milkshakes, smoothies and freshly squeezed juice is what they offer as of now. 

We visited this place twice within a week and this is the summary of both the visits.

Kiwi-Lemon-Mint drink : We were in no mood for heavy drinks and wanted something light and refreshing. We were offered the kiwi-lemon-mint drink (drink of the day) as complimentary. First serving was very less in sugar and it was replaced. After addition of sugar, it was kickass. Light and refreshing with the mild tangy notes from kiwi, citrus-y notes from lemon it was way too good. We ended up ordering one more round of this. Though this one is not on the menu, they serve it upon request.Kid enjoyed his milkshake and no complaints from him on that.

Mexican delight - A crepe with avocado, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos and mozzarella. The menu said asparagus, but it was not available on that day. The crepe was a tad bit dry. The pesto used for plating purpose threw us off the trail and left us confusing whether it was Mexican or Italian. The filling was very good. Even though it had slight bitterness, salsa and mozzarella compromised it.

Le French gruyere - We had this during our second visit. A delectable combination of cheese and white sauce along with mushrooms and corn. Every bite of this was a trip to heaven and back. The salad accompanying was fresh with light dressing and tasted perfect.

Cinnamon, Sugar and butter - This classic crepe made of a combination of ragi and maida with cinnamon flavoured sugar and butter smeared inside was pretty decent. It needed more butter to overcome the strong ragi taste. The cookie and cream ice cream served along made up for the dryness. 

Nutella & Banana - I badly wanted to try this but the banana left me thinking. Knowing our hesitation, they offered to make it strawberry instead of bananas. It was served with loads of sliced strawberries and nutella along with a scoop of cookie and cream ice cream and whipped cream. Doused in maple syrup, oh boy what a deadly combo this was. Loved it to bits and we wiped the plate clean.

Apple crepe - Another crepe made of ragi with caramelised apple as filling, served along with coffee ice cream. Apples poached in a mix of cinnamon n sugar was simply delicious. Crunchy, juicy and tangy apples with coffee ice cream was to die for.

They are 100% vegetarian. Since the crepes are eggless, it feels a tad bit dry. They are working on more base like buckwheat flour, ragi flour, a combination of all purpose flour and ragi and so on. Pricing is perfect. Crepes starts from 120 and goes upto 275 bucks. Both the times the bill was around 500-700 which I feel is absolute value for money given the taste and the quality of ingredients that goes in.

Place                 : Canadian Crepe Company
Location            : Greams Road, Next to dhabba express
Cuisine             : Crepes/milkshakes/smoothies - Vegetarian
Cost                  : A meal for two should come around 600-800 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

Canadian Crepe Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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