Monster Shake at Ashvita Bistro

There were days when we used to see these mouthwatering, humongous shakes in mason jars, named Monster Shakes. Well ! Now its available in Chennai too. When I saw this monster shake being available in Ashvita, me and my partner in crime, decided to check it out. It was an impromptu plan and we landed in Ashvita by 12pm.

I've been here twice. Sadly my experience with food wasn't that great. So we decided not to order anything else other than the shakes. We were handed over the regular menu and the staff didn't even bother to talk about the availability of these shakes. I had to reach to the staff and after enquiring about the shakes, they handed us the menu for the shakes. Monster shakes comes in four different flavours. Chocolate, cookie and cream, purple and caramel.

We decided to go for chocolate along with cookie and cream monster shakes. Placed the order and waited, waited and waited. One thing in Ashvita that has never changed is the extremely slow service. After about 30mins our shakes arrived. Oh boy ! It was a pleasure to watch those mason jars overflowing with goodies. After the custom of clicking pics we started digging in.

The chocolate monster shake had pretzels, chocolate chips, a slice of chocolate cake, roasted marshmallow, sugar candies, wafers, whipped cream and a chocolate cone on the top and chocolate milkshake with ice cream. We were quite confused on where and how to start as it was super messy. Managed to eat one by one. Pretzel was crispy and lightly salty which I liked a lot. Wafers and chocolate cakes was yummy. Marshmallow was very bad and so was the chocolate cone. Smelled and tasted like medicine. The moment I reached the milkshake all my excitement vanished just like that. First of all there was nothing chocolate-y about the shake and there was vanilla ice cream in chocolate milkshake. It felt like drinking frozen whipped cream with loads of sugar. Being a person with sweetest tooth, even I was not able to reach halfway.

The cookie and cream monster shake had a slice of fudgy brownie, half a oreo cookie along with the same things that was in the other shake. I absolutely loved this one. One of the perfect oreo shakes even though it was a bit high in sugar.

Paid a total of 732 bucks (Priced at 325+taxes each), I felt it was not worth the money.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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