Hotel Kurinchi, Egmore

There are very few places in the city, that carries the tag "legendary places". One such place is Hotel Kurinchi in Egmore. This place functions along with boarding and is thronged by politicians. One fine day we decided to check out this place for lunch. Have heard raving reviews about their food and my expectations were quite high. Place has two separate dining spaces. One air conditioned and the other one without it. We settled in the air conditioning space which was fairly occupied.

Quickly placed orders for a portion of mutton biriyani, meals, vanjiram fry, prawns thokku and nattu kozhi fry. Everything arrived pretty quickly. Vanjiram fry was simply divine. Perfectly spiced and cooked, thin slice of vanjiram was so delicious we ended up ordering one more. Prawns thokku was very good with fresh and juicy prawns in a mildly spiced gravy with dominating cumin flavours. The best dish of the day was the nattukozhi (county chicken) fry. A semi gravy type with huge pieces (leg piece) of county chicken it was finger licking good. Meat was tender and falling off the bones. Gravy was spicy with minced ginger adding extra kick to the heat. It went well with the white rice. Non-veg meals was served with a curry and keerai kootu. Keerai kootu was spot on. The gravies (chicken/mutton and fish) were very average. Rasam was quite good. The only disappointment was the biriyani. The moment it arrived, the very looks of it I was disappointed. It looked white in colour. With well cooked juicy mutton pieces the biriyani (I hate calling it like that) looked like ghee rice and tasted like brinji rice. Even the accompaniment, the mutton gravy was very average in taste.

Paid around 1000 bucks for all of these which I feel worth the money sans the biriyani. Service was quick and friendly.

Place       : Hotel Kurinchi
Location   : Egmore
Cuisine     : South Indian, Non-vegetarian
Cost         : A meal for two would cost around 500-600 bucks approximately.

. Hotel Kurinchi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Sri Lankan fare at Y Cook, Besant Nagar

Few weeks ago, on a Saturday me and kiddo wanted to have lunch in and around Besant Nagar. We were in mood for some spicy food that will burn our tongue but not the wallet. We decided to check out this place as it was nearby and I was wanting to try this place for quite sometime.

This place is located on the Besant Avenue Road, above the Cafe Coffee Day Lounge, near Rajaji Bhavan with good car parking space. We were the second customers and they took around 10mins to take the order. We ordered Devilled Prawns, Paneer Sticks, Idiyappam (white), red puttu and chicken curry. We waited, waited and waited and waited for almost 30mins. Thank god. When we reached this place we weren't that hungry. But we were literally famished by the time the food arrived. With multiple reminders and requests, food arrived finally. Food was piping hot like how it is served straight from the stove at home. First came the prawns and the paneer sticks. There were about 7 paneer sticks. Deep fried, with no trace of oil, crunchy, crispy and perfectly flavoured outer layer with soft paneer inside. Ketchup was served as side. Devilled prawns were mind blowing. Juicy prawns sautéed with onions and capsicum with slivered garlic pieces was so yumm. The onions were crunchy and I finished the entire dish, without leaving the curry leaves to find a well of oil at the bottom of the cup :D

10 pieces of absolutely fresh and soft idiyappam was simply delicious with the hot and spicy chicken curry. Red rice puttu was too good with a mild sweet note. Chicken curry was bursting with flavours. Spicy mildly thin curry with loads of shallots and 2-3 huge pieces of chicken. Chicken was tender but the flavours of the curry didn't get into the chicken. It tasted more like, the meat was cooked separately and added in the curry while serving.

Service is damn slow. It took 30mins to get the starter itself. But after that food arrived one by one quickly. I'm not sure whether I'll choose this place to dine if I'm really hungry. Total damage was 670 bucks. Given the portion size and taste, it was absolute value for money. They don't accept cards.

Place       : Y Cook
Location  : Besant Nagar, Near Rajaji Bhavan, Above Cafe Coffee Day Lounge
Cuisine    : Indian & Sri Lankan, Veg & Non-Veg
Cost        : A meal for two should cost around 500-700 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Y Cook Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Hotel Safari

There are few places in the city that stands with time serving amazing food. This place was in my wishlist from the moment when I heard big shots in food industry raving about their food. One fine day we decided to check this place for an early dinner. Located opposite to the Govt hospital, near to the signal, 4 wheeler parking is impossible. They have two dining areas. Non ac on the ground floor and air conditioned dining space in the first floor. We went to the ac hall and we were the only customers as it was just 7.30pm. Place was neat and clean. 

We ordered fish pakoda, mutton cutlet and kerala chicken (this was suggested by the staff). Fish pakoda was mindblowing. Chunks of fish (seer) in a thick besan flour batter mixed with onions and green chilli was so good. Fish tasted fresh, pakoda was crispy in the outside with well cooked fish and the chopped chillies giving a kick of heat in every bite. Mutton cutlet came in as a single huge piece. Dark and crispy outer layer that tasted of bread with minced mutton and potato filling. My 9 year old said "This is good, but you can't call it as mutton cutlet. We can name it as potato cutlet" after tasting it. I don't have anything more to add to it. We hardly could taste the mutton. The kerala chicken fry was a disaster. No flavour nothing. It was like they cooked the meat and deep fried it. We asked for soe mint chutney but the one we got was very bad than the dish itself. Some green colour stuff with onions which had nothing to do with mint or even corriander for that matter.

Before reaching this place itself we decided the main course. We went with pepper paya, a parotta, a plain aapam, a bulls eye aapam and a portion of fish biriyani. Paya was thick and very good with strong notes of freshly ground pepper. Aapam could've been better. I like aapam with crispy edges and soft centre. It wasn't like that and no golden colour too. But the paya made up for it. Parotta was flaky as well as soft. Fish biriyani. Ummm well I don't think we can call it biriyani. It was more like spiced up pulav/fried rice with few chunks of fish. It was spicy and good but even then I can't fit it in any type of biriyani I've had.

Service was decent. Total damage was 1200 bucks. I'm still confused on the vfm part. But the fish pakoda at 200 bucks was totally worth it.

Place       : Hotel Safari
Location   : Royapettah High Road, Royapettah (Opposite to govt hospital, near the signal)
Cuisine     : Veg & Non-veg south Indian, chinese
Cost         : A meal for two should cost 800-1000 bucks approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Hotel Safari Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Chubby Cheesecakes

I stumbled upon this page on Instagram one day. I simply followed the profile and left it. Later saw some mouthwatering pictures of cheesecakes posted on their profile. Wanted to try them and pinged them asking for details. They've got lots of interesting flavours like oreo cheesecake, plain cheesecake, coffee cheesecake with caramel sauce and so on. Recently, the picture of white chocolate with strawberry compote left me craving for it. So placed my order for white chocolate cheesecake and cupcake cheesecakes with assorted toppings. Placing order was easy. Just couple of messages excchanged in FB and I had the beauties delivered on time.

Cheesecake and cupcakes were neatly packed to avoid any damage. The white chocolate cheesecake with strawberry compote aka the snowhite was baked to perfection. One bite into it and I was in heaven. Rich and luscious cream cheese, soft and pillow-y in texture, with strawberry compote here n there and a rich buttery chocolate-y crust. There was no flaws in the taste or texture. It was simply mindblowing. Paid 1300 for 1kg of this which is absolutely worth the money.

Cheesecake cupcakes were simply delicious. A thick buttery crumbly crust with baked cheesecake topped with three different flavours. I opted for blueberry, strawberry and oreo. All the three were utterly delicious. Especially the blueberry. Loved it to bits. 6 cupcake cheesecakes costs 750 bucks.

Deepika the brain behind Chubby Cheesecakes is basically a cheesecake buff. This 2 months old startup introduces new flavours every week and they deliver all over Chennai. To grab your share of cheesecake, you can reach them on

Facebook - Chubby CheeseCake
Instagram -
Mobile -  9176268613 Chubby Cheesecakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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