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I stumbled upon this page on Instagram one day. I simply followed the profile and left it. Later saw some mouthwatering pictures of cheesecakes posted on their profile. Wanted to try them and pinged them asking for details. They've got lots of interesting flavours like oreo cheesecake, plain cheesecake, coffee cheesecake with caramel sauce and so on. Recently, the picture of white chocolate with strawberry compote left me craving for it. So placed my order for white chocolate cheesecake and cupcake cheesecakes with assorted toppings. Placing order was easy. Just couple of messages excchanged in FB and I had the beauties delivered on time.

Cheesecake and cupcakes were neatly packed to avoid any damage. The white chocolate cheesecake with strawberry compote aka the snowhite was baked to perfection. One bite into it and I was in heaven. Rich and luscious cream cheese, soft and pillow-y in texture, with strawberry compote here n there and a rich buttery chocolate-y crust. There was no flaws in the taste or texture. It was simply mindblowing. Paid 1300 for 1kg of this which is absolutely worth the money.

Cheesecake cupcakes were simply delicious. A thick buttery crumbly crust with baked cheesecake topped with three different flavours. I opted for blueberry, strawberry and oreo. All the three were utterly delicious. Especially the blueberry. Loved it to bits. 6 cupcake cheesecakes costs 750 bucks.

Deepika the brain behind Chubby Cheesecakes is basically a cheesecake buff. This 2 months old startup introduces new flavours every week and they deliver all over Chennai. To grab your share of cheesecake, you can reach them on

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