Cafe De Paris

A dear friend of mine called me one day, just to inform me that there's a new cafe opened up in the same premises of Absolute Thai. Truly blessed to have such people in my life :D When me and Shab were raking our brains on where to go and what to eat, I remembered this place and we went straight ahead.

Located in the same premises that houses Absolute Thai and Sushi in a box. A very small place with the goodies counter occupying most of the space. This cafe is beautifully done with cute little souvenirs. They had an array of sweet and savoury delicacies on display. We started off with a chicken quiche. While the filling was absolutely delicious, the base was a bit soft for my liking. That's cos it was reheated in the oven. Then we went ahead with the tuna sandwich. The top part of the sandwich was too hard, while the filling was yummy with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

I was eyeing the Almond Croissant and butter croissant and when casually enquiring the person who was managing the show about their kitchen, he said all the goodies are from Baker's Street at Pondy. I was like "I knew it. I knew it. The croissant said so :P". We had the almond croissant which was lip smackingly delicious. A coarse paste of almonds, layered between uber soft croissant dusted with sugar was pure bliss. I'm a die hard fan of the lemon tart at Bakers Street. I'll just eat the lemon curd alone leaving the tart base untouched :D Did the exact thing here. Ohhh I soo wish that they sell the lemon curd in bottles :P Even though we were full till our nose, we decided to share the coffee eclairs. Mindblowing is the word. They also had a jar of Peach iced tea which was on the house. At one stage lost count of how many times I went for it. After ages, I had the perfect flavoured iced tea.

All these cost us around 900 bucks. Slightly on the higher side, but worth every penny spent. They are working out on the dining space at the garden. As of now it is just a take away place (We didn't mind standing and eating the delicacies :P)

Place      : Cafe De Paris
Location  : Teynampet (Opposite to Lanson Toyato Showroom, same building as of Absolute Thai)
Cuisine    : Cafe with french delicacies
Cost        : Around 700 for two approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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