Madras Pavilion - ITC Grand Chola

A great achievement called for a very special meal and we couldn't think of any other place other than ITC Grand Chola. I've been here once, to their gourmet shop - Nutmeg. The place flaunts its architecture and leaves the people mesmerised with its sheer beauty. This place is plush and posh with granite carvings, splendid staircase and breathtaking chandeliers. It makes you feel to be in a royal court and not a hotel. In fact I can write a separate blog post just to talk about the ambiance. Alas, this blog is not for that. So I'm coming to the food.

I so wanted to dine at Peshawri, but hubby insisted on the Sunday brunch at Madras Pavilion. We made reservations for 4+1 and were on time. We were seated immediately and the ambiance here too was just brilliant. We were served a welcome drink named fruit punch which was very bad. I don't know what they wanted to deliver in terms of flavour, but this one is not defintely a fruit punch. Then came an array of starters which includes Dahi Kachori chat, keema cutlet, mixed bajji, tangdi kebab, grilled chicken/fish and paneer. None of the dishes stood out. Every single dish was very ordinary. Infact some dishes like the grilled chicken and fish were bad. Fish was definitely not fresh and it was overcooked. Chicken had no flavour, it was like eating boiled meat. It was the worst paneer dish I've had in recent times, both in texture as well as flavour.

Even the spread had nothing exciting or exotic. They had oriental, continental and Indian cuisine. Oriental had Thai red curry with lamb which was pretty good but the lamb was hard and chewy. No jasmine rice or steamed rice to go with the curry. No Pastas. The Italian antipasti section too had nothing good. Roasted eggplant with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese was decent. They had three types of biriyani. Mutton, chicken and veg dum biriyani. Biriyani was dry and literally no flavour. And no baingan bartha/the regular brinjal gravy for accompaniment. The mutton curry was too tangy and tasted like mutton cooked in diluted ketchup. Only the pork curry and the dal bukhara was good.

They had live counters for chat (which was served on the table), dosa and pizza. It took a lot of time (after umpteen reminders) to get a plate of banana dosa, grilled prawns and pizza. Banana dosa was pretty good. Sweet with distinct flavour of ripened banana. Pizza was a disaster. It had no sauce, no spice and the thickness of the pepperoni was too much. I requested to make the prawns more spicier. What I received was yet another plate of bland prawns.

I don't even want to talk about the desserts. Very very ordinary fare. Only the coconut cream slice was good. Rest of the things, leave the second serving, I couldn't even help myself more than a spoon :(

Service was slow and sloppy at its best. We had to keep reminding them multiple times for everything. Be it from clearing the plate to getting the dish from the live counter every single thing needed a minimum of 2-3 reminders. And to add to it, when I asked for a dessert spoon, my waiter handed over a single spoon to me on my hand. I mean come on. Even in ordinary restaurant, they'll give u few spoons for a single dessert in a plate. I was never so pissed with the food and service in the recent times. Given my expectations for ITC and its hospitality, I was thoroughly disappointed.

Paid around 12K (2675 inclusive of taxes for adults and they charged around 800 bucks for my kid)  which I feel is not at all worth. Not even a penny.

Place     : Madras Pavilion - ITC Grand Chola
Location : Guindy
Cuisine   : Sunday Brunch
Cost       : 6K for two approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Madras Pavilion - ITC Grand Chola Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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