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A visit to Pondy was never complete without visiting Zuka there. Being an ardent fan of their Hot Chocolate I was jumping out of joy when I received a message that they are opening in Chennai too. And to double up the pleasure they were having a life size statue (made up of chocolate) of THALAIVAR. What more one can ask for? Within a week of opening we went there. This place is located on Radhakrishnan Salai, in the same building that has Fully Local Restaurant. Parking is tricky. Got to park in the side lanes.

During our first visit, I was slightly disappointed to hear them saying there is no hot chocolate yet. After clicking n number of pics of thalaivar, with thalaivar we started our chocolate feast. We asked them to serve us all the new stuff that is not available in the Pondy cafe. We started off with a mousse named Dark Knight. It was made up of  68% dark chocolate along with some dark chocolate shavings and some cream. It was light and yumm. Then came the much raved serendipity. Fudgy chocolate brownie sandwiched between dark chocolate discs, served with Madagascar sauce (a 72% dark chocolate sauce) along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It can only be appreciated by people who love or even mad about dark chocolates. I finished majority of the dish (yes it can be shared by two) leaving a little for Shab to taste. The bitterness of the Madagascar sauce was top notch. Jean Luc's chocolate cake was another delight. Vanilla sponge layered with chocolate ganache and hazelnut praline was so so good. While the praline gave a nice crunch to every bite the soft and moist vanilla sponge with the ganache was out of this world.

We wanted to put a break to our overwhelming chocolate affair. So had a portion of spaghetti with crisps along with a chicken quiche. The quiche was not a quiche. The taste and texture was more like a bun. Spaghetti was way too tangy to my liking, but it was welcoming relief for those sweet tooth overloaded with chocolate :D No we weren't done yet. We started off our second round with much raved Strawberry tulsi cake. Though it looked nice, the very first bite, i hated it like anything. First of all I didn't feel any strawberry or tulsi in it. Secondly it was too dry. And had a weird taste. When we gave our feedback on this, one of the staff asked us to try the Chocotella. Boy o boy. It was mind blowing. Moist and rich chocolate sponge layered with nutella was one of the best pastries I had in recent time. We tried the marzipan and dark choclate with orange truffles. Clearly the later one was the best. We finished off with a cup of strong cappucino :)

The second visit was due to two factors. My kid was angry with me that I didn't take him to Zuka. Second one we had a very bad lunch and wanted to compensate for it. This time they had their signature hot chocolate. Mango Cheesecake was bad in all aspects. First of all we could taste the mango flavour only on the glossy gel kinda stuff on top. The cheesecake had a texture of mousse and tasted like the same. The base was very moist and not crumbly. The Brazilian chocolate treat was similar to serendipity. It was served in a cup with fudgy crumble brownies on bottom, dark chocolate mousse on top along with a scoop of ice cream. No complaints on this. The hot chocolate needs no introduction. A thick concoction of melted chocolate served with two cubes full of chocolate shavings and an edible chocolate spoon. Just dump everything in the cup and drink and you'll feel what we call as chocogasm :D

Prices range from 80-120 for the pastries and around 200 for the desserts. Ended up paying 1400bucks for the first visit and 700 for the second. Service is decent and the ambiance is bright and neatly done for a cafe.

Place       : Zuka
Location   : Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore
Cuisine     : Chocolates, sandwiches pastries and coffe
Cost         : 600 for two approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.  Zuka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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