Viswanathan Chettinadu Hotel

When it comes to food, though I don't mind trying various cuisines, my heart goes out for South Indian elai sappadu (meals served on banana leaves) whenever I need that ultimate satisfaction. On one such day, I decided to treat myself with good meals and we headed straight to Viswanathan Chettinadu Hotel. Located in the PV Koil street, the same lane of the car entrance for citi centre, this is a small hole in the wall kinda place. When we went by 1pm it was fully packed. Four 4 seater in the non-ac section and 5-6 4 seater in the ac section (yes they do have air conditioned space). We waited for 5-10 mins and got a table in the ac room.

Quickly ordered a meals, mutton biriyani, prawn thokku, fish fry, mutton chukka and omelette. Mutton chukka was very good. The way chukka should be. Dry with perfectly coated masala, the mutton was tender, full of flavours. Prawn thokku was mind blowing. I love the south Indian style dished in onion tomato base. This was no exception. Plump-y juicy prawns swimming in a onion tomato based thokku was lip smacking delicious. The addition of crushed garlic and mild hint of minced ginger here n there, lifted the dish to whole new level. I got few chunks of tomato in the dish which was heavenly. Mix this with some white rice, take a mouthful of that wrapped in omelette, OMG - one can experience what foodgasm is :D 

Fish fry - vanjiram (seer fish) was perfect in all ways. Fresh, thick and big slice of fish, well marinated and cooked to perfection was literally melting in the mouth. We went for one more portion of the fry :) Mutton biriyani was spicy. But it had lot of irritants like lumps of masala, stems of mint n corriander n all. It missed the punch/flavour from the rice. May be using seeraga samba or basmati would fix that.

Meals comes with a veggie (raw banana poriyal), spinach kootu, pickle, chicken/fish/prawn gravies. Everything is unlimited. Both the veggies and the pickle was very good. I started with the fish gravy which was delicious on all aspects. Tangy gravy with loads of onions and tomatoes with that beautiful aroma was simply yumm. The prawn gravy was the same one we ordered as side with the only difference being consistency. It had 2 small prawns in it (none of the other gravies has meat in it). They gave a small portion of crab gravy (I'm not sure whether it is a part of the meals) which was stunning. It screamed pepper and nothing else. Blended well with plain rice and it was super tasty. I finished off the lunch with some buttermilk.

Service is quick, attentive and friendly. The place is pretty clean and well maintained. After the food, you have to walk up to the counter to pay. You just say what you had and pay for the total amount. Waiter won't get the bill for you, nor assists you and even the items are not cross checked with the waiter. Our total bill, including a water bottle and a soft drink was 1240 bucks which is absolutely worth the money. I was totally satisfied and complimented the person behind the cash counter for the yummy food. He was very happy and said they are running this place for the past 15 years. Now I know where to go when I crave for some south Indian non-veg meals.

Place         : Viswanathan Chettinadu Hotel
Location     : Mylapore. From RK Salai, take a left at the citi centre signal. Keep going straight and this place comes on ur left past the MRTS flyover.
Cuisine      : South Indian (Chettinadu style) non-vegetarian fare
Cost          : A meal for two should cost 600 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Viswanathan Chettinadu Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Gossip Bistro

I was wanting to visit this place right from the beginning. That too when my partner in crime gives a big thumbs up for this place, my urge was growing every single day. Had been here twice over a period of time and this write up is a summary of all those visits.

Located on ECR, before the toll, this place has ample parking and is hard to miss. Interior of this done tastefully. Be it the lights in form of pressure gauge, hand painted walls the fresh flowers in the table everything is beautiful. It has a very modern look. As soon as we got seated, we were served iced tea as welcome drink in cute little bulbs. It was spot on with sliced apples and mint and was so refreshing. And then came the bread basket with herbed butter, olive oil, balsamic vinegar along with chilli flakes. Breads were fresh, soft and warm. I liked the multigrain bread a lot. Two types of butter (herbs+garlic and herbs+pepper) served along with the bread were too good.

Starters :

Mezze - Four little warm and fresh pita breads served with hummus and mutabal. Hummus and Mutabal were spot on. Hummus was a bit spicy with strong garlic flavour. Mutabal had the nice smoky eggplant taste. Had a perfect mezze after a long time.

Braised peppery beef kebab - diced beef with onions served in skewers were too good. Beef was hot n spicy and was so so soft and juicy. The roasted coconut chip on top gave a nice twist to the dish. Though there was nothing wrong with this one, I would prefer a dip or mint chutney to go with the beef. The spiciness of the beef can be compensated by the dip.

Batter fried calamari - Didn't like this much. The calamari was a bit chewy and the dip wasn't complementing the calamari well.

Boston bbq chicken wings - One of the best wings I had in recent times. Perfect amount of bbq sauce which was spicy and finger-licking good. Meat was very tender and had a nice caramelisation at the top.

Crab meat nachos - crab meat served in nachos cup along with aioli and onion chilli jam and honey.  The spicy crab meat and the sweet onion jam was creating a medley of flavours in the mouth.

Soup : Spiced pumpkin and broccoli soup was a feast to the eye as well as the taste buds. The soup with loads of garlic,  was so creamy and lip smackingly good.

Drinks :

Apart from the iced tea, we also tried a blackberry based drink called Dark Vader and Melon punch. The former was tangy and very good. Melon punch during the first visit was a disaster. But in the second visit, they had fixed the recipe and it was very refreshing.

Main Course : 

Pasta - The penne with mushroom, sliced chicken sausage and crushed pepper was creamy and cheesy to the core.

Crab meat cakes - Spicy crab cakes served with mango chutney and yoghurt along with herbed rice and sauteed veggies. Two big cakes that was so meaty and spicy. While the crab cake was absolutely delicious, I almost hated the sauce. It tasted like mango lassi and I felt that the cake and sauce didn't gel at all. A subtle raw mango chutney would've been nice with the crab cakes.

Peri - Cardium - This was basil crumbed, pan grilled chicken breast stuffed with peri peri butter. Chicken was a bit overcooked and it was missing a zing. Peri Peri butter failed to deliver the peri-peri flavour and again the bed of sauce in which the chicken was served was not rite.


The desserts in the display as well as the ones in the menu are simply delicious.

Vanilla bean panna cotta with pan sauce - Mildly sweet panna cotta served with a strong pan sauce was just brilliant. I loved the addition of beetle leaves in the panna cotta. It gave strong flavour of pan, taking the dessert to another level.

Caramel Custard with Irish cream - I'm a sucker for caramel in any form. This was spot on. The caramel sauce spiked with Irish cream was too good. The additional bitterness from Irish cream was lovely

Fresh fruit and nut baklava tart - Thin tart shell made of phyllo pastry, filled with cream and fresh fruits like kiwi, strawberry and mangoes dusted with crushed pistachios was mind blowing. The saltiness from the tart shell and the sweet cream along with fresh fruits were yumm.

Swan Lake - An interesting dessert. Meringue piped in the shape of swans, swimming in a blue curacao sauce based cream is a visual treat. Two meringues are sandwiched with coffee liqueur and white chocolate mousse. The mousse was so light and full of flavours. Blue curacao cream was perfect. I felt the meringue to be way too sweet. That's because, the sugar wasn't folded properly with the egg whites, leaving a grainy texture to the meringue.

Service is excellent. Staff are polite and prompt. Paid around 1400 bucks for the first visit and 1900 during the second. As of now there are no taxes and service charges in the menu, leaving the pricing factor perfect. After the addition of taxes, bill amount may burn the pocket, but still I feel it's value for the quality and quantity.

Place      : Gossip Bistro
Location  : Kanathur, ECR (Near Toll )
Cuisine    : Continental & Indian - Veg and Non-veg
Cost        : A meal for two would cost around 1500 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Gossip Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Doner Kebab Bistro

My wish list is quite big and it grows further day by day. If I strike off one place from the list, two more gets added to it. This place was in the list from day one and after seeing a post in WCE, I moved it to the top of the list. We checked in here for lunch on a weekday. Located diagonally opposite to Asan Memorial School in Anderson Road, Nungambakkam, this place is hard to miss. Pretty small place which can seat a max of 24-28 ppl (including the outdoor seating) at a time. Place is very bright and colourful. Menu is very very limited and hardly any options for vegetarians (though I'm not worried about it, just saying). We ordered Garlic butter prawns, mint pea puree with pickled radish and spicy buffalo wings with siracha mayo. While the presentation of prawns was brilliant, we were taken back by the quantity. Just 4-5 pieces of prawn for 225 bucks :O Prawns were under cooked and had this bad smell which I hate. We sent it back.  While the menu read pea mint puree, the puree in the dish tasted nothing like that. When we asked the staff about the puree, he said it was avocado. After sometime, when the dish came I was literally shocked. They had just worked with the prawns that was left (we had one prawn each) in the dish that we sent back. I've never seen a restaurant doing such thing. Like u reduce the already less quantity because we tasted some. Even then the prawns weren't good and we asked them to take it back and said no for further processing (which would leave nothing but an dish with oil and avocado paste). Buffalo wings was hot n spicy with tender meat. Too much of sauce in few places left a salty and tangy note. I ordered the chocolate peanut butter milkshake. I expected a shake that'll be super chocolatey or super peanut-y. Unfortunately what I received was a thin, not so cold shake which had neither of the flavours dominating nor balancing. It was very weak in flavours.

For main course we ordered a chicken doner and herb marinated tenderloin with glazed carrots, mash and jus. It was quite surprising that a place that tries to potray doner as the centre idea, didn't have choice in serving the doner. I mean, there was no options on how u want to have ur doner. I love it like a salad. Other options being sandwich and roll, here it is served only as sandwich. The filling was pretty good and comes with a portion of fries and ketchup. Tenderloin was a bit chewy. But the pepper jus was perfect. More than the beef l loved the glazed carrots along with mushroom and broccoli. The only thing that got finished off in the plate was the veggies. There was too much of mash in the plate which needed a little bit salt and a smooth texture.

The only dessert listed was churros with three types of sauce (milk chocolate, white chocolate and dulce de leche). Churros I've had so far used to be crispy and light. But this one was very heavy. Tasted more like murukku. All the three sauce were good. I loved the dulce de leche sauce. Service was a bit slow but friendly. When we asked for a feedback form, the staff asked us to leave our feedback in  zomato :D :D All these set us back by 1400 bucks (They had mentioned the prawn dish as complimentary in the bill. Whereas we hardly ate the dish. I guess it shouldn't be included in the bill at all) Given the taste and quantity I won't consider this as VFM. A one time visit kinda place according to me.

Place       : Doner Kebab Bistro
Location   : Anderson Road, Nungambakkam
Cuisine    : Continental - Non veg
Cost        : A meal for two will cost around 1000 - 1400 approximately

Döner Kebab Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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