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There is no punishment bigger than wading through insane traffic under blazing sun. Our plans for heading to Egmore for lunch seemed impossible and we quickly decided to do lunch at The Padrino in Mylapore. This place is located in P.S.Sivaswamy salai, which leads to Cathedral/Radhakrishnan Salai. Didn't get a complete look at the place as we got seated near the entrance itself. Open kitchen along with gelato & dessert display at one side and view of the buzzing PSS salai. We were handed over the food and drinks menu and we placed order for couple of starters and drinks.

Before proceeding to the food, wanted to write about our unpleasant conversation with the owner of the place. For all planned lunch, I carry my DSLR with me as I love clicking pics of food. Same thing happened here and I started clicking picture of the drink. And this gentleman (we came to know that he owns the place) walked to us and asked why we were taking pics, to which I answered that we are food bloggers and asked him is there any problem with taking pictures. He said "It's our property and we have the rights to know and you have to ask before taking pictures". That was kind of rude and it spiked my anger. I said "How do you expect us to know that you don't allow us to take pictures when there is no sign of any board reading photography not allowed". He simply said it's fine and walked away.  See I understand that the restaurant has every right to allow/deny photography. But they should make sure that message is conveyed to the customer and not expect the customer to ask them as  Nowadays right from local tea shop to star hotels, food is being photographed everywhere. We were quite upset with the way the message was conveyed. When we were talking about it, another partner, overheard us and asked us what was the issue. We told what happened and she was apologetic. She also gave a reason that they are sceptical about their competitors trying to replicate their menu. Errrr. So you suspect each and every person taking a pic of your food is it? Jeez.

Enough of ranting. Let me move to the food. We ordered a mango & passion fruit lemonade and a zara paan mojito for drinks. Both of them were excellent. Particularly the zara paan mojito was kickass. It felt like drinking paan pasand (Not sure how many of you have tasted  this candy). I loved it to bits and ordered one more of it :) For starters we had Tortino Di Porri (Leeks and Cheese Quiche) and Piccante crispy calamari. The quiche was delicious with buttery crust and the filling with soft leeks with cheese, topped with melted gorgonzola cheese. Calamari was crispy, mildly spicy and well seasoned. The accompanying dips complimented the crispy calamari beautifully.

Though I wanted to try their pizza, we just ordered two main course leaving the pizza behind. Cappeletto Carbonara - pasta pockets filled with parmesan cheese in a carbonara sauce which is a mix of cream, cheese, eggs and bacon (here it was chicken bacon). The sauce was creamy and perfectly seasoned with mild notes of freshly ground pepper. The pasta at the top of the dish was cooked al dente, but the ones in the bottom were little bit under cooked. Pollo Al Funghi - grilled chicken breast with cream and mushroom sauce along with butter noodles. The chicken was cooked to perfection but the sauce was way to salty. We sent it back and they served the dish again. The sauce was thinned by adding more cream to adjust the salt. But in that process, the meat lost its tenderness. The noodles weren't cooked properly and it was sticking together like a mass. We didn't want to send it back again so we left it as such. While clearing the plates we were enquired about it again and we showed them the issue. They said that the dish will not be billed inspite of us insisting not to do so.

For desserts we ordered a dark chocolate gelato and a tiramisu. Tiramisu was excellent with the kick of espresso and the creaminess of mascarpone cheese. Gelato was mindblowing. It's a delight for dark chocolate lovers.

Service was spot on. Polite, efficient, quick and attentive. Paid a total of 2300 bucks (chicken dish wasn't billed) which was definitely on the higher side.

Place         : The Padrino
Location   : P.S.Sivasamy Salai, Mylapore
Cuisine     :  Italian, American Veg & Non Veg
Cost          : A meal for two would easily come around 2.5K
P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. The Padrino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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