A mini Foodathon in Puduchery

As a foodie, my encounters in Puducherry are very limited. It's always masala poori, kulfi at Lalu or ice cream at thancos or richy rich, zuka and bakers street. Once in a while I get an opportunity to indulge in Cafe Xtasi or Tantos. Obvious reasons being literally no company to try new places and the forceful vegetarian mode there :D :D

This recent visit Puducherry I came to know that my partner in crime was in town. Made some quick plans and tried few places which were in my wishlist. It was definitely a mini foodathon that lasted for about 3-4 hrs covering 6 places

Canteen 18 :

I've crossed this place many times and much later only I realised it's a cafe (kind of). It's a smaller version of hole in the wall kinda place. Open seating that can accommodate about 6-8 people. Menu is very limited with burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and few drinks. I've been eyeing this place for more than 2 years and couple of my previous attempts failed as the place was closed. This time, went there for lunch. I had this severe bacon craving and I badly wanted to stuff my face with meat. A quick look at the menu and I decided to have ham burger with bacon. Friend opted for their combo of the day which had croissant cheese sandwich, sauteed chicken sausage, salad, egg and a drink.

Burger was the best I had in recent times. Beef patty was so juicy and yummy with crispy bacon and cheese. A special mention to the sauce. BBQ sauce with excellent cumin and pepper taste along with mustard aioli was finger licking good. Bun was perfect and held its fort till the last bite. Croissant cheese sandwich combo was presented beautifully and the buttery sandwich was awesome with the same combination of sauces and cheese.

Paid 560 bucks in total along with a iced tea.  My belief of smaller places shelling out gr8 food was made strong once again. This place is in Needaraja Paiyar street, the lane next to cafe xtasi in  Mission street.

Cafe Des Arts :

This place was suggested by my friend. Located in Suffren street closer to the park, the ambience is very good. Alas, I'm not a person who can visit a cafe just for the ambience. We placed orders for couple of drinks and a sugar lemon crepe. It's really difficult to spot the staff and to get their attention. Lime mint cooler and ginger lemon were our orders and both were disaster. Warm lime mint with no trace of lemon and sugar was the worst drink I ever had. My friend's ginger lemon had only ginger and water no lemon in that too. Even the addition of ice cubes and sugar couldn't help the drinks to get better. And the crepe !!! Sigh. Crispy at the edges, with strong lemon syrup only in the centre of the crepe. And the few bites I could manage it tasted like crispy omelette rather than a crepe. Wasted 320 bucks here.

Gelateria Montecatini Terme aka GMT :

One of the best gelatos I've had so far. A small place located diagonally opposite to the Ashram guest house on the beach. They've got quite a lot of varieties with prices starting from 50 bucks going upto 80 bucks. During my first visit I had their chilli chocolate ice cream. Dark chocolate gelato with mild chilli flavour was amazing. But to my disappointment they've take it off their menu during my second visit. Mango, tiramisu are perfect. Their Irish cream had a strong whisky flavour. Not my type. Loved the chocolate orange one too. Dark chocolate with orange zest was brilliant.

Lallu Kulfi : 

Another small hole in the wall kinda place in Nehru Street, shelling out yummy kulfis, sweets and other stuffs. Kulfis here are not like the rich n creamy bombay kulfis. They are different with bits of malai here n there and more of an icy texture. They have about 5-6 flavours and the day we visited they had only pista and elaichi. Kulfis are priced at 25 bucks. 

Gelato factory : 

Yet another place checked off from my list. This place is few mtrs away from Zuka in mission street. Their sign board claims healthy Mediterranean food along with gelatos. Didn't see much of that in the menu. Menu was more of salads, sandwiches and pastas. We ordered a citrus junction (a mix of mosambi and orange) and a carrot apple and orange drink. Both of them were excellent with less sugar and loads of ice. The ravioli was pretty average. Big pieces of ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, few of them gave me a little undercooked feel while eating. While the white sauce creamy and yummy, the consistency was way too thick. Gelato was epic failure for us. We chose the wrong one and in all aspects it was not our cup of tea. Paid about 500 bucks here.

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