Mint Padmanabhan Catering @ Music Academy, Sabha Roundup 2016

A sudden lunch plan led us here for lunch. Last year I had a mixed bag experience here (with evening snack). Paid for the meal, got the token and we were shown our seats quickly. This was the menu

Cucumber Pachadi
Paal Payasam
Beans paruppu usili
Pudalangai kootu
Morekuzhambu bonda
Ellu sadham
Mixed veg sambhar
Mysore rasam
Urulai and vengaya kaarakuzhambu

The mohanthal cake was very good with ghee and roasted channa dhal aroma. Sour pachadi. Both the veggies, sambhar was good. But nothing extraordinary. Ellu sadham had no flavour at all. Morekuzhambu bonda was awesome. Soft bonda had soaked in the slightly sour morekuzhambu well. Had it twice :) Karakuzhambu was so so. Mysore rasam was good and drank an extra cup. Paal paysam was a diaster. It was very thin (paal payasa vessel wash panna thanni madhiri) and less in sweet. Store bough pickle rich in vinegar :X

Caterers             : Mint Padmanabhan
Location/Sabha   : Music Academy, TTK Road
Cost                   : 230 for full meals (unlimited). Cards accepted

They are here till Jan 1st serving full meals. After January 1st, they will be available for few more days serving only mini meals with variety rice.

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