Chaska - Foodtruck, Thiruvanmiyur

Seeing a food truck itself is very new to me. Dining there is a different experience. And that too when the food was amazing you simply can't describe the satisfaction. I've been seeing positive reviews about this place in WCE. I had plans to check out this place with my foodie gang. Yesterday after dropping kiddo at his class, me and my friend were walking (Yeah. Shock-a kurainga :P ) along the Thiruvanmiyur beach. 15 minutes of walking we accidentally took the food street and we found ourselves in front of the food truck :P That very moment we knew that we are going to have a early dinner and just pushed ourselves for another 15 minutes of walk so that we can hog without guilt :D

The truck is parked in what we call the eat street of Thiruvanmiyur Beach. When you enter Thiruvanmiyur Beach via the new beach road, you can see a police booth in front of you. Take the left and keep going. Few meters away there'll be a small lane on your left and you can see bajji/soda/chaat and other stalls line up on both the sides. Further down the road you can see the truck.

Mr. Ricky, the guy who owns the truck was there and after a quick chat with him we ordered veg kothe, chicken shyapta and pan fried schezwan chicken momos. Kothe was nothing but momos cooked in two ways. Bottom part was pan fried while the top was steamed. Garnished with coriander and pepper it was piping hot and tasted absolutely divine. The chilli dip was perfect. Chicken shyapta was stir fried chicken with a spicy onion tomato base. Meat was tender and juicy. Pan fried schezwan chicken momos were too good. Deep fried chicken momo in a spicy schezwan sauce. Filling was seasoned perfectly and tasted yummy with the schezwan sauce.

We packed a lot for folks at home. Among that I tasted the Schezwan chicken fried rice. It was perfectly  delicious. With chunks of meat in the spicy rice was too good. And the portion was pretty huge. It would be more than enough for two normal eaters. Same goes with the double egg schezwan noodles. I also tasted the steamed chicken momos. Filling was flavourful and went well with the chilli dip.

Paid a total of 1050 bucks for all these Momos are ranged from 50 - 100. Rice and noodles for 70 - 150 and the sides between 100 - 170. I was amazed by the quality of the meat. For a fast food category it was mind blowing. Absolute value for money :) And I'm definitely going back for more :)

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  1. Thanks alot for this, blog...In my one and a half tenure in Chennai I was eagerly searching for tasty momos and u made my day...and the location described is more than perfect...loved the taste...