Karim Mess, Periamet

One and a half month/ 6 weeks/ 45 days. That's the period I had to stay away from Biriyani. And I really wanted a plate of biriyani to calm down the screaming soul. While my ever favourite place Koorakadai was there, my partner suggested to try something else for change. That's how we started to Periamet, a biriyani lover's paradise in Chennai. Karim Mess aka Karim Biriyani is located in Samy street, a small lane opposite to Periamet mosque. Keep calm and trust in google aandavar :P

Ground flour is for take away and first floor has dining facility. You have to pay for the food first and get the token. We ordered for two portions of 1/4 plate mutton biriyani, 1 mutton chukka and 1 chicken 65 along with 500ml coke. Once you hand over the tokens, piping hot biriyani plate is kept on ur table. The aroma of the rice makes you salivate more. Long grained, non oily with minimal irritants (I found one elaichi in the 1/4 plate), mildly spiced, flavourful biriyani simply made my day. The generous amount of soft and succulent meat had absorbed the masala well. None of the sides were worth mentioning. Onions with curd added for namesake, tasteless brinjal gravy. Chicken 65 was rock hard. Mutton chukka was soft but the style of preparation was not of my liking. It was more like deep fried sans any onions or masala.

1/4 plate of biriyani is priced at 90 bucks and a full plate costs 130. In take away they have only one portion size which is priced at 130 bucks per portion. While I was very much satisfied with the biriyani, I feel it wasn't worth travelling all the way for this alone :O
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