Pop Up Menu @ Crimson Chakra, Adyar

I've heard about restaurants that offer Pop Up menu with various USP's in abroad. Pop up menu is something new here (atleast I wasn't aware of any other place doing that) in Chennai. I was curious to attend one such dinner when Nikhil Moturi was talking about starting pop up menu at Crimson Chakra. After missing around 7-8 such pop up with mouthwatering menu, I decided not to miss the next one. And to add more joy this time the menu was focused on pork :P We made the reservations 2 days before the schedule dinner.

The menu was extensive with mouthwatering dishes. And everything (yes everything) is unlimited. We started off with pork sausages with pineapples which was a surprise. Sausage was grilled to perfection and it was so juicy and the addition of pineapples lifted the dish to a whole new level. Thai crispy beef was yummy. That caramelisation of the sauce was awesome. Pork Wontons was a surprise and the pork filling was very good. Loved the crab milagu masala. Meat tasted fresh with pepper based masala. BBQ Satay prawns were plumpy and juicy. I felt the sura puttu needed a little bit more salt and seasoning. Grilled chicken parmesan was okayish.

We were literally stuffed with the starters. We were waiting for the star of the day. One whole pig was roasted. Later it was carved and served with three types of sauces - Mixed berry sauce, pepper & mushroom sauce & pork sauce. Along with the sauces there were roasted baby potatoes and veggies. Pork was tender and juicy and tasted brilliant with the mushroom & pepper sauce. I tasted the fish kulambu with garlic and it was yummy. Jaipuri murgh masala, roti, naan, steamed rice and mutton biriyani was also served. Didn't touch any of these as I was too full.

Tasted little bit of the Irish coffee mousse. The strong alcoholic flavour and the subtle coffee flavour complemented each other very well.

The prix fixe menu was priced at 1000 bucks inclusive of everything. The menu can be customised according to one's choice/preference. They may need 3-4 days of prior notice and a group of minimum 5-7 members. I was told that pop up menu is served once or twice in a month on Thursdays and reservations are must for the same. One can follow the FB page of Crimson Chakra to know more about the theme of the pop up menu.

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