Purasaiwalkam Food Walk - 2017

I'm more than happy to star the year with fulfilling my long pending wish - Purasaiwalkam Food Walk. I've lost count of how many time my plan for this walk has gone for a toss. And finally it happened. Half a dozen folks with sizeable appetite started the walk from Links at Raja Annamalai Road next to Punjab National Bank. Murukku sandwich with cheese, cheese and bhujia masala puff and special ice gola were our orders. Undoubtedly the best in town and that chutney is vera level. Simple veg puff undergoes a makeover with cheese, aloo bhujia and green chutney to become a great snack. Ice gola was bursting with flavours. Paid 195 here

Mehtas Vada Pav, two shops next to Links has better seating. We had two classic vada pav and a cheese corn canapes. While the vadas were absolutely fresh and hot there was nothing to rave about the taste. It was pretty decent. Corn canapes were lovely with little thicker shells with sweet corn and cheese. Paid 105 for all these.

From there we went to Ashok Pan house for some masala thumbs up. We also had a cheese bhujia sandwich which was very good. That masala drink was much needed as we had more places to cover. Kinda digesting what we had till now and creating more space :D Paid 220 here Sandwich at 60 each and thumbs up for 20

After a walk of about 10 mins we were in a dilemma whether to skip the boli stall and move on to ajnabi. We skipped the boli place. The notice about some winter ladoo (forgot the name and couldn't recollect) left us inquisitive and we did try one. I guess it's more of acquired taste and I didn't like it a bit. It was made of gondhu aka the edible gum along with lots of spices which I predominantly use in curries and gravies. Other than this whatever we had were yummy. Dhoklas were soft and juicy and spicy. Crispy palak chat with dahi was excellent. Jalebi was crispy and good. The final touch of lime mint cooler was simply divine.

Bang opposite to Ajnabi is Kings Vada pav. We shared a single mayo vada pav which tasted good. Would've been better if the vada was hot. We packed about 10 vada pav and some plumpy and juicy jalebi. Vada pav is priced at 25 bucks here. Mayo is 40

Just crossing the road would've led us to the Fusilli Reasons. Instead we decided to take the longest route so that we can walk for some more time and get ready for round 3 :P Fusilli Reasons was our next stop. Had to wait for about 15minutes to get a table. Even at 5 pm they were very busy with school/college kids taking their own time to eat the food :P Orange tang was very diluted. Iced tea was too good. Assorted garlic bread and nachos were delicious as usual. Saw a new addition Masala mac in the menu and ordered that. Boy it was bad news. Too much of salt, faint masala (tasted more like maggi one) flavour and very less cheese and sauce. After adding loads of chilli flakes we managed to finish it off. While friends liked the herbed pasta, I felt it to be very salty. Paid 510 here.

It was time for some piping hot delicious, soft and spongy thattu idlis. Huge idlis, with generous amount of podi sprinkled on top along with ghee needs no accompaniments. It was finger licking good. Sambhar and red chutney are passable while the coconut chutney was pretty good. Priced at 40 bucks, this was the star of the day.

We wanted to finish off the walk with some pani puri. Kakada Ramprasad was our next stop for pani puri. We just got a single plate (6 pcs for 30 bucks). Large and crispy pooris with spicy potato filling and chilled paani, it was the perfect end for the walk. We also picked up some sweets and fresh paneer from here.

We spent clost to 500 bucks per head including the cab charges. Overall, a walk with loads of fun and food. There was no let down anywhere. Well after all this is what we need rite :)

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. 


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