The Good Spot, Adyar

It's been a very long time since I dined with my folks and they were talking about a new place opened by chef Bee of Bee's Kopitiam. These are the two reasons which made me say yes to the lunch plan last Saturday. This place is located in Kasthuribhai Nagar, Adyar. Opposite to That Madras Place and below Foodology. The place was simple and bright with an open kitchen on one side and about 3-4 tables.

One of our friend who was there before us was kind enough to order few starters for us :) Prawn sesame toast smelled of prawn. But taste and texture showed no sign of prawns. All we could feel was the toasted sesame and crispy bread. Korean bbq chicken wings were very dry. Very little sauce had been poured over the batter fried wings. It would've been great if the wings was tossed with the sauce. Minced lamb on Tacos - lamb mixture was very spicy and it didn't gel with the tacos. I felt the tacos wasn't fresh either. Coconut crumb fried prawns. We interpreted the menu in such a way that we thought the prawns fried with coconut crumbs. But the actual dish had prawn fried with coconut + bread crumbs. The bread crumbs had soaked in too much of oil and the chilli mayo was a joke. Thai mango salad served along was very good though.

Their concept of serving mocktail was good. I would say the only good thing that happened to us on that day. They serve fresh fruit juices/mocktails without any water or sugar. Ice cubes are replaced with frozen juice cubes. Focused a mix of carrot, lime and ginger was good. The first serving of my citrus gin was spoilt. I had to send it back. Second serving was absolutely fresh. Loved the red wyne (pomegranate) too.

With a below average experience from the starters we moved on to the main course. The menu is limited and is without a focus. Like you have Paneer quesadilla and then comes the teriyaki chicken and you also get to see shawarma roll in the menu. First to arrive was the Oishi Teriyaki glazed chicken. Portion size was a shocker. Grilled chicken had no flavour as mentioned in the menu and the japanese rice was too dry. Some broth would've tied the chicken rice and pak choy together. Then came the lamb pot pie. I've never seen such a flat dish used to bake a pie. Minced lamb lacked salt and lots of carrots and beans in the mince. And there was way too much of potato mash on the top with little cheese.

Then came the Thai Fish red curry. Being a sucker for red curry, I would call this nothing but disaster. The menu read pea puree, broccoli and baby potatoes and I couldn't see any of that in the plate except some massive mould of rice with very little Thai curry (I shouldn't even use that name). When I asked Mr.Srivatsan who owns the place, he took it back. The dish that got served again had few florets of broccoli. Still no sign of pea puree or baby potatoes. I understand that there are days when you don't get the required veggies to prepare the dish. But shouldn't the customer be informed in the first hand about the availability. When you are not able to serve a dish according to the description in the menu, I would expect to be informed or better don't serve it at all. One bite of the fish and I had to spat. Fish wasn't cooked, no salt nothing and my appetite was spoiled there. And no way I would call that a Thai red curry. It tasted like the readymade ones we get in pouch. Too much of coconut milk and the red curry paste was still raw. Piri Piri prawns were worst too. It definitely looked appealing but miserably failed in taste. Prawns weren't fresh. It was too chewy. And the cauliflower puree should be renamed as garlic puree. I couldn't go beyond a spoonful. We send this back complaining about the prawns and what came back had the same issue with the prawns.

We gave our feedback to the concerned person. We were also served chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream on the house. I have nothing to write about it :(

Paid 2600 bucks for all these. Given the taste and quantity not at all worth the money. Service was slow and getting the attention of the staff was a tough job.

Place           : Good Spot
Location       : Adyar
Cost            : A meal for two would come around 1200-1500 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only The Good Spot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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