Kovai Alankar Vilas, AnnaNagar

I was looking for good South Indian places to take dad for dinner. Had seen couple of positive reviews about this place in WCE. Since dad has a liking for kongu cuisine, thought of trying out this place.

Located on the basement, place was simple and bright. Menu is predominantly non veg, simple yet interesting. We ordered for kozhi rasam, kangeyam mutton thokku, konganapuram pichi potta kozhi. Within few mins, food was served. Kozhi rasam was typical home made rasam served in steel glasses. Thin and spicy it was full of flavours and was soothing for the sore throat. Pichi potta kozhi was soft and seasoned with fresh pepper and tasted good. Looking at the portion size of mutton thokku, the first thought I had was "Here comes a competitor to Junior Kuppanna" :P Portion was too little. Taste wise no complaints. We ordered karuveppilai pepper prawn and mutton liver fry. Dad liked the liver fry. Prawns were cooked to perfection and the strong curry leaves flavour was something new to me and I liked it a lot.

The chicken kothu parotta we ordered had a spoilt taste. Actually it was kiddos order and when he took a mouthful, he started complaining it's not good. My dad thought that he was complaining about the taste and was trying to convince him to eat that. That's when he said "Aiyyo thatha, idhu kettu pochu. Adhan vendamnu solren" :D :D When we notified them, they apologised and took away the dish. Since kiddo lost his interest on kothu parotta we asked them to cancel the order. Mutton kari dosai was good. With egg and mutton kari spread over the dosai, it tasted good with the kuzhambu. A little more mutton would've been much appreciated. Vanjiram tava fry was fresh and cooked well with perfect marination. I ordered a mutton sevai and it was wonderful. Typical puzhungal arisi (par boiled rice) sevai tossed with minced mutton and spices along with coconut. That addition of coconut was a nice touch and it gave a beautiful texture to the dish. We had kozhi vadai at the end. Minced chicken with spices deep fried. It was okay.

Pollachi ilaneer sarbath was simply divine. The concoction of tender coconut water, elaichi with tender coconut pieces was very refreshing. Paid a total of 1500 bucks for all these.

Coming to the service, it was their pro as well as con. It was quick. Too quick. They bombarded us with the dishes. It was like too much of food at a time and it'll be difficult for those who would like to enjoy their food. When I expressed this concern, the person who owns the place said they were earlier getting complaints about slow service. Fair enough. They are just 12 days old and they need some time to get settled with these teething issues.

While the food tasted very good, dad and myself had acidity issue yesterday night :( That leaves me confused on being a repeat customer.

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