Desi Rasoi's Punjabi Dhaba, T.Nagar

This place used to be our favourite lunching spot. We haven't been here for a long time as the last time we went, they were closed for renovations. On my recent visit to T.Nagar saw them opened. So decided to have our lunch here last Sunday. Pretty small place with 7-8 tables. Limited no fancy menu. We ordered a masala pappad and a mixed tikka to start with. Pappad was perfect. Crunchy with spicy onion tomato salad. Tikka was just paneer and mushrooms with the usual onion/tomato/capsicum mix. It would've been great if some aloo/gobi was seen in the platter. Tastewise no complaints at all. Perfect marination. Soft paneer pieces. More than the paneer/mushroom I loved the onion and capsicum. They were grilled to perfection giving a nice crunch in every bite

For main course we ordered Butter Roti, Garlic Naan, Dhania Roti, Paneer Chilli Gravy, Malai Kofta, Channa Rice and Raita along with couple of malai lassi and a badam pista lassi. Breads were super soft. Especially the garlic naan with lots of garlic was yummy. Paneer Chilli Gravy was basically manchurian based gravy with more tanginess (from tomatoes) with fresh paneer pieces. It went well with the breads. I would prefer the kofta to be cooked little bit more but others were okay with it. Channa Rice was pure bliss. If you expect a fried rice kind of dish you would be disappointed. This is a mix of rice and channa masala with a wet consistency. It was super hot and spicy. Loved every bit of it and I ended up eating the whole portion leaving nothing for the folks :D Malai lassi was perfect in all means. Rasagulla was okay and the rabdi was very thin but tastewise no issues.

All these set us back by 1200 odd bucks. Prices mentioned in the menu are inclusive of taxes. Service was pretty quick and attentive. Overall a satisfactory lunch.

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