Breakfast @ Coimbatore - CS canteen & Geetha Canteen

The one thing I absolutely loved about our recent trip to Coimbatore was that our one and only focus was food. Since we didn't plan any sightseeing and other tourist-y activities we were able to devour the food. Eat sleep repeat was our mantra and we sincerely followed it. After belting the kari dosai with naatu kozhi kuzhambu in Valarmathi mess and a good 7-8 hrs of sleep we were ready for our breakfast hunt. We had already decided the places. And checked into CS hotel near Railway station.

Its a small self service kind of place. We were already given recommendations on what to eat there. We ordered a adai butter, onion rava roast and thayir semiya. Thayir semiya was kickass. Every spoonful I felt the coolness all the way till the stomach :) Adai was thin and crispy and tasted more like peserattu. That lentil taste and texture was missing. But hey no complaints. With butter and jaggery powder, it was too good. Onion rava dosai could've been more thin and crispier (after all it was mentioned as roast) but with truck loads of onions it was good. Paid 150 odd bucks here. Absolute VFM.

From there we started to Geetha Canteen. We put our trust in Google aandavar and after a 10mins walk we were in the canteen. The seating arrangement here was more like wedding/community dining. We got seated and ordered a neer dosai (the staff misinterpreted it as nei dosai and bought a nei roast) and sambhar vadai along with sukku paal and coffee. The ghee roast was divine. So crisp with generous amount of ghee it was too good. Loved the thick sambhar with lots of veggies and the peanut chutney. Vadai was so so. Sukku paal was strong and mind blowing. We also bought the sukku paal mix from the shop outside the canteen. Paid 130 bucks here which again is absolute VFM.

Yet another satisfying food hunt in CBE :)

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