Dindugul Venu Biriyani, Coimbatore

Dindigul Venu Biriyani was one of the places (other than Valarmathi Mess) that was strongly recommended by every single person. After covering two places for breakfast, the greedy us decided to check out two places for lunch too. Our actual plan was to hit Venu Biriyani first, share a 1/4 biriyani and then move on to Hari Bhavan. But Venu Biriyani didn't let us do that.

Located in Tatabad, Gandhipuram (In front of the bus stand) with not so great ambience, it was pretty empty when we checked in. Ordered a 1/4 mutton biriyani, 4 kola urundai, mutton chukka and vanjiram fry. Kola urundai is easily the best I've ever had so far. Neither too dry nor too wet, with perfect spice level, this was so addictive. I loved the mild touch of coconut in that. Mutton chukka was yummy. Some may disagree with the texture/consistency of the chukka. Infact I prefer the chukka to be bit dry. But this one was absolutely delicious. With soft bite sized mutton pieces and crunchy onions, this was a delight. Vanjiram fry was a big let down. Fish wasn't fresh and the masala wasn't impressive either.

Coming to the star of the show. Seeraga samba biriyani. One mouthful of the biriyani, I already made my decision to ditch Hari Bhavan and ordered another 1/4 plate of biriyani. I love seeraga samba biriyani (too :P :P ). I like biriyani from JK but it always leaves me with a bloated feeling. But the biriyani here was simply amazing. Mildly spiced, with minimal irritants (elaichi was visible and wasn't hidden inside the masala lump). with loads of succulent mutton pieces, it was divine. Dalcha served along was bang on flavours with fat and bones in every ladle.

Service was pretty quick. All these set us back by 800 bucks which was absolutely worth the money. I would strongly recommend this place for their biriyani and kola urundai. 

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