Christmas Special @ Gossip Bistro

Festivals to me is all about the mouthwatering food. Last year I was awestruck by the Christmas buffet at Gossip Bistro. This year, in addition to the buffet (on 24th dinner and 25th lunch) Gossip has come up with an awesome menu which will be served till the end of this month. The moment I saw their House special menu, I was eyeing the duck :) Made it for lunch yesterday and boy oh boy yet another satisfying meal at my favourite place.

Ordered a portion of duck, turkey and rum fruit cheesecake from the special menu along with double cooked mussels, coffee mutton and a baked lemon tart from the regular menu.

Roasted duck with orange and red wine jus served along with potatoes and vegetables. The meat was tender and juicy with perfect caramelisation and I loved the jus. The mildly sweet and perfectly orange-y jus complimented the meat very well. I could even drink that :P

Turkey rolls stuffed with mince and liver were served with cranberry jus. I don't eat spare parts and hence just tasted the cranberry jus alone which was very good. Friend gave thumbs up for the turkey

Right from the day, the new menu was launched (which is about 6-8 months) I was literally dying to try this dish. Coffee Mutton. Yep you read it right. Tender chunks of mutton roasted and served in a sauce made of filter coffee and rum. It was heavenly. The coffee kick was mild at the same time, did justice to the name. Loved it to the core. And this dish is going to be my regular order at Gossip henceforth.

Double cooked mussels was highly recommended by my partner and I wasn't disappointed. Steamed and batter fried mussels served with tomato chilli dip and tartare dip was as fresh as it can get.

The rum fruit cheese cake was X-mas in a plate. Loved the mild kick of rum in the cheesecake with the rum soaked fruit mixture on top and the oh-so-buttery crust. It was just mind blowing

The baked lemon tart, again recommended by Shab was the best I've had in recent times. The buttery tart complimented the tangy lemon curd filling very well. Perfect balance. My new favourite at Gossip :)

Paid 2400 bucks in total for all these and also I got to taste few more dishes which I loved absolutely.

Don't miss their elaborate Christmas buffet. The menu is just stunning with smoked salmon, crabs, beef and much more :)

Merry X-Mas all :) 

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