Catching up with my bestie/partner in crime after 3 months, we were looking for a place to talk. Even though I had lots of places in my bucketlist that has to be checked, relaxed-talking took the front seat and we decided to check out this new place in Adyar. Located next to Odyssey in Gandhi Nagar, this place was bright with about 3-4 tables. I remember reading about their games/engage in conversations kind of USP through couple of reviews in WCE. In spite of we being the only customers at that time, no one really bothered to explain their USP. Fine. At the end of the day we were there for food and nothing else.

Drinks :

Orange Soda & Berry Iced tea. The berry iced tea was a disaster. The powder wasn't dissolved properly and it completely spoiled the drink. And it also made the simple soda + orange syrup drink tasted great (Pure comparison mode).

Snacks :

A monk's glee. This is steamed chickpeas, roasted with masala. While I really loved the spicy masala, the chickpeas wasn't roasted properly. It was hard and chewy resulting in a painful jaw.

The Dog's Staff - Crunchy crumb fried chicken sausage. The only dish I liked out of all our orders. It had a good crunch to it and surprisingly the crumb layer carried a good seasoning to it. Both the dips didn't have any flavour and in that way both were identical. Asked for a spicy dip and was given a sweet-chilli dip which did help in finishing of the snack.

Smoking Hot Wings : I was wondering why these wings were served on such a heavy sizzler plate which was cold. Later while looking at the menu, which read the wings are served on a hot plate :O :O and we weren't asked preference for the sauce too. So not sure which sauce we ended up eating. The wings were decent and delivered a sweetish-tangy flavour.

Mains :

Ham & Cheese Sandwich - Grilled sandwich (herbed/olive focaccia bread) had few slices of tomatoes and ham with minimal cheese. I couldn't get to taste the Gruyere cheese as mentioned in the menu and could feel only cheddar. The basil in the sandwich was quite overpowering.

Couscous Dieting Roasted Chicken - This is roasted chicken served with couscous and a gravy of our choice. We opted for the brown gravy. Every single element in the plate was a bad news. The gravy tasted as it was concentrated broth (the maggi type ones). Way too salty. The roasted baby potatoes had no salt and or other seasoning to it and the olive oil was overpowering. Who serves tomato masala based couscous (tasted literally like our tomato rice) with roasted chicken. A simple herbed/garlic flavoured one would've been appreciated. The main focus of the dish. The roasted chicken. What a shame it was. A look at the picture would help you to understand the portion. Believe me when I say that we left the entire portion as it is. One bite of the meat, I decided I wont' even take another bite. Meat wasn't tender (forget the fall off the bone kind of roasted chicken) and certainly didn't feel fresh.

Service :

The worst / clumsy kind I've experienced recently. Serving hot wings in a hot plate and there was no separate plates given to us. How can one expect to eat it straight out of the dish. Cutleries weren't kept on the table and had to repeatedly ask them. When you've multiple flavours on an item, are you not supposed to ask the customer's preference/choice when they don't mention it? Customer leaves a main course untouched and you don't even care to ask why? So much of attitude for a new place :O

Paid 1400 bucks for these. Absolutely not worth the money at all. 

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