IceKraft, T.Nagar

After a disastrous lunch, with mountainous hope we went to Icekraft at T.Nagar for desserts. Located in G.N.Chetty Road, a few buildings away from Border kadai, they've outdoor seating option along with the high chair indoor seating where you can get to watch the ice creams being made and a comfortable dining area at the first floor. We placed our orders and paid for it and we were told that it'll be served to us at first floor.

Black Triple Threat Ice cream :

Watching this being prepared is quite fascinating. Even though I'm not a big fan of cold stone concept, I was pretty excited for the flavour. Charcoal. But taste wise it wasn't impressive. I couldn't get the charcoal flavour nor any other chocolate in the ice cream. The only thing that felt good was the crunch from oreo and chocolate chips. Left half of the ice cream as it is.

Black Chocolate Monster freak shake :

My previous two experiences with the monster shakes were too bad. Surprisingly I liked the monster shake here. Out of all our orders this was the only one which I managed to finish half of it. That's because of the predominant Nutella flavour and nothing else :P

Red Velvet Oreo fries :

Pure disaster. All I could feel was the taste of oil and nothing else.

Churro Pancake :

While Shab was deeply analysing the components of this horror and trying to figure out what was wrong with this, one bite of it and all I could think was how to spit it :( It felt like chewing uncooked dough. I don't want to talk more about it.

Paid 800 bucks for all these. 240 bucks for the ice cream seems to be pretty pricey. Overall didn't have a good experience. Since I tried only the black range, I don't want to comment on the place yet. Still the black range alone, I feel its just eye candy. 

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