Mezze, RA Puram

I remember a place called "Cedars" in Kotturpuram which used to serve a full fledged Mediterranean cuisine. That was some 10 years back. After that I haven't come across a place that's fully dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine. Mezze, a recent addition to the food scene of Chennai does that. We checked this place on a fine Sunday afternoon. Located in RA Puram, this is a small place with hardly 4-5 tables and a limited menu. We waited for about 10 minutes for the table.

Started our lunch with Falafel, hummus, harissa dip. Felt the hummus to be a tad bit salty. But liked the texture and it went well with the falafel and soft and fresh pitas. Falafels were pretty small but was packed with perfect flavours. I loved the harissa dip. The taste and texture was perfect and we had it literally with everything we ordered.

Chicken Lahmajoun was yummylicious. Cheesy and saucy with decent amount of meat on it. Shish Taouk, the garlic cream marinated chicken breast literally had no flavour even though the meat was tender. The Lebanese Garlic dip did help a bit to bring some flavour to the meat. The Hummus of the day and falafel sandwich tasted yumm even though it was kind of messy. Hummus of the day was hummus with sundried tomatoes. Since hubby doesn't like tomatoes much, we asked to make the sandwich the plain hummus. Our request was misunderstood and what arrived on the table was plain hummus alone. On pointing out the mistake, the reply was kind of a harsh advice on how to place an order. Like how a dad handles a hopeless teen. Thank god we weren't spanked :P :P 

Jalep, the dates drink was nothing extraordinary. Loved the strawberry frappe. Baklava was simply awesome with crisp phyllo pastry and chopped nuts.

Overall, a decent experience. I personally feel the portions to be less. Needs some tweaking here n there. Paid close to 2.1K for all these.

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