Chai at Charminar !! The cafe's of Hyderabad

Nimrah Cafe, Charminar

After the high tea seesion at Gourmet Baklava, we went back to our room, rested for a while and travelled more than an hour to reach Charminar. Since it was Ramadan, charminar was heavily crowded than the usual and was bustling with more business activities. Street vendors with food, clothes, accessories and what not. We headed straight to the Nimrah Cafe which overlooks the Charminar. Since the first chai at the land of Nizams was a disaster I had high expectations for the Irani Chai, this cafe is famous for. The moment you enter the cafe the aroma of freshly baked biscuits wafts through the air. They have a huge varieties of biscuits in display along with some cakes, puffs and samosa, lukmi and all. We ordered three chai and got ourselves an assorted plate of biscuits that had most of them from the display. To be honest, Chai was above average. Could be a little more stronger but that's my preference. The biscuits were absolutely yummy. Especially the coconut and Osmania biscuits were melt in the mouth type. Biscuits range from Rs. 4 to Rs. 12 each and I guess the chai was about Rs.12

Day 1 - Meal 4 - Pre Dinner Snacking

Cafe Niloufer, Lakdikapul

When we had plans to buy some Osmania biscuits for friends and family, we were told that Subhan bakery would be better than Karachi Bakery. Moreover with every street having an Karachi Bakery outlet, I wasn't keen on buying from there as I find them to be just okayish. When we had biscuits at Subhan Bakery I found the ones from Nimrah cafe to be much better than this. We decided check out Nimrah cafe the next day to get some biscuits packed. But fortunately, I read somewhere that Cafe Niloufer is worth the try for biscuits too. So after some Kebab hogging, we checked into Cafe Niloufer for chai & biscuits. I wanted to ease out the overload of meat and hence went with a full lemon tea (Rs.25) And a staff helped us with few biscuit samples which I loved to the core. Their Osmania biscuits were the best out of all the places I tried. So was the dry fruit & nut cookies. The chocolate cookies, melting moments & the almond sticks were simply mind blowing. When we requested for customisation of boxes (which weren't available on the shelves), the staff obliged and we got ourselves three different flavours packed in a single box. We got about 12 such boxes along with a truck load of other cookies too :P Prices starts from Rs. 50 / 100 gms and goes upto Rs. 160 depending upon the variants and the packing. Paid close to 3K here for the packed stuffs :D

Day 2 - Meal 11 - Pre dinner tea session

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