Gourmet Baklava - A Luxury Lebanese Affair

After a sumptuous lunch and a few mins of relaxation with special sweet pan at Dimmy's (bang opposite to Rayalaseema Ruchulu at Jubilee Hills), we headed straight to Gourmet Baklava at Banjara Hills. This place was highly recommended by our friend in Hyderabad. And also we were looking for dessert options post lunch.

The moment I entered this place, it was love at first sight for me :) The array of baklavas in various shapes and sizes with different fillings was a treat to the eyes. A quick chat with the gentleman behind the counter, we went for an assorted plate of baklava (Rs.250). Everything on the plate was delicious except the baklava with the walnut filling. I'm not a great fan walnuts that aren't roasted. The lady finger was simply yummy.

They make Kunafa fresh on orders. It comes in three different sizes - Small, medium & large. We went for a smaller portion and we struggled to finish it off. The pastry dough is pressed over an aluminium plate and cheese is added on the top. Then the plate is heated over a wheel like structure to ensure uniform cooking. He checked for the consistency twice in between and topped the pastry with pistachio & sugar syrup. The taste was just mindblowing. 

We wanted to try both the Turkish Tea & Coffee. But we were told that they'll be served in a pot that can be shared by two people. So we went with a pot of Turkish coffee. Boy oh boy !! What an welcoming change to the overdose of sugar & butter it was :) Loved the strong coffee. It was the perfect finish to the high tea session :P

They also sell gift packs / assorted packs of Baklavas in half & one kg boxes. Priced at 1800 for half kg, we got a couple of customised box. And it was packed neatly so that we can take it back home without any damage to the beauties. We were told that these baklavas would keep well for a month without the need for refrigeration. They even send courier across the country :D

Paid about 4.7K including the two half kg boxes. Absolutely worth the money.

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