Iqbal Cafe, Hyderabad

From the moment we landed, we were constantly searching for places that serves Bagara Khana & Dalcha. Native to Hyderabadi Muslim households, I was more interested in trying this one than the biriyani. Couple of places we called were not serving it for the time being or they were running out of it. On day 2, when we decided to have lunch, we quickly called up Iqbal Cafe in Dabeerpura Road, Purani Haveli to check whether they were serving Bagara Khana. When we heard a yes, we were at the doors in no time :)

A small place that's been functioning for more than 50 years. It could hardly accommodate 20-25 ppl at a time. Much congested, old wooden bench & tables kind of set up. But hey we weren't there for ambience right. We squeezed ourselves between the bench & table and quickly placed our orders for a portion of Bagara Khana - Dalcha, Tala Hua Gosht, Beef biriyani, mutton kebab. When asked about Lukmi, we were disappointed when he said chicken/mutton lukmi weren't available. I bet he still would be puzzled at out joy & loud cheer when we were told that there was beef lukmi instead :P 

Bagara Khana is close to our own nei choru (ghee rice). Aromatic rice with minimum tempering & green chillies served with a thin/runny yet flavourful dalcha. More than the dalcha I fell in love with the Aloo-methi-minced mutton curry served along. Oh my god. It was so good and packed with a power house of flavours :) Beef biriyani was yummilicious to the core :) Soft & succulent beef in a spicy masala & rice mix was super delicious. Beef lukmi (a close associate to samosa) was flaky and divine with perfect balance of spices. 

We finished off with a Irani Chai. We were told that the milk would be boiled for hours to get the thickness & depth of the chai. Loved every sip of it. Paid close to 600 bucks for all of these along with few soft drinks.

If I'm asked to rank the places we visited in Hyderabad, without doubt this would top my list. Lovely people serving amazing food

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