Jouzi Halwa - The Royal dessert of Nizams !!!

The Hyderabadi cuisine has a rich collection of desserts. Milk, apricot, almonds, bread even bottle gourd is used to make various desserts. Hameedi Confectioners was strongly recommended to us for their Jouzi Halwa & Hand made ice creams (using seasonal fruits). They have three outlets and the first one we checked out was the old & original outlet in Nampally, M.J.Market. It's a small shop for take aways. The shop wall adorns the letter of appreciation from the Nizam in Urdu. We were told that the Nizam was so happy with the taste of the halwa, he gave it the royal status.

Jouzi halwa is basically a milk based halwa with nuts, saffron, ghee & nutmeg. It leaves a after taste of nutmeg. It's so rich & heavy that a 3-4 spoons of it makes you feel so full. I'm a person with sweeter tooth and I couldn't go past more than a scoop at a time. They have two variants of this. The original one priced at Rs.500/Kg & the special one which has more nuts & saffron priced at Rs.700/Kg. The badam halwa was equally good with its coarse texture. Pricing is same for Badam halwa too. Unfortunately the Badam ashrafi wasn't available.

From there, we moved to the other outlet at Abids, which serves handmade ice creams with seasonal fruits. We had a scoop of Alphonso Mango (RS.25), Anjeer (RS.25) & Kesar Badam with honey (RS.30). Absolutely loved them. Especially the Anjeer & Alphonso mango were mind blowing. Creamy with perfect sweetness it was more like eating the chilled fruit :) 

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