Cereal Killer Bistro

I am not a "cereal for breakfast" person. I am somehow not convinced with the quick, healthy (they do have truck loads of sugar) selling point of such cereals. In fact the last time I had a bowl of cereal (kellog's chocos :P) was some 12 years ago. The true blue South Indian in me simply refuses to fall for such fads.

Now someone can raise the question, why now? Well I was in the vicinity of Cereal Killer Bistro (Anna Nagar East, next lane to the metro station after the rountana, behind the scoop bar). I wanted to eat something off the track as I have reduced eating out a lot and also a week of being a true blue South Indian becomes monotonous :P I just noticed this place while I was sitting in my car waiting for my kid. Thought of checking them out as I didn't have breakfast that day. A compact place with pleasant outdoor seating and an indoor seating with a view full of plants and trees. They do have a wide spread menu ranging from starters to sandwiches to pastas. But I wanted to do justice to the place. Kill some cereals. I quickly settled for a cereal bowl called "Dexter's Date with the Muesli" (Rs.210). A bowl loaded with mixed fruit & nut muesli, dates, oats bites, black currants, almonds, whipped cream, pomegranate, a dash of caramel sauce along with a bottle of chilled almond milk. It was little bit sugary. May be because of the whipped cream. I liked the crunch from the almonds & the cereal. It would've been better if the pomegranate pearls were fresh and not frozen. It would've been much better if there weren't any pomegranate at all. It didn't fit in with the rest of the ingredients :( But that's my opinion anyway. The almond milk was mildly sweetened and wasn't too runny. The cappucino (Rs.130) I had after the cereal was a bit weak for my standards.

Overall, if you are a cereal lover and used to have it frequently, you may like this place. To me, I tried a new place that serves cereal bowls. Will I go back ? Mmmm may be not. As I am not a cereal person :)

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