Mataam-Al-Arabi, Hyderabad

Next to Baghara Khana & Dalcha, our area of interest was to try the Kabsa/Mandi. The major setback on the Mission Mandi was the portion/quantity. We for sure know that we can't even finish 1/4th of the plate. And we wanted to try both Mandi as well as Kabsa. Out of the few places that made to ur list for mandi, Mataam-Al-Arabi in Chandrayanagutta was our choice. They are the first to bring Mandi/Kabsa to Hyderabad we were told. Again a loooong travel on the last day of our trip, we reached here to have lunch. We were sent to the family dining area at the basement. Apart from the low cushion set up, they also have regular seating which we didn't know earlier.

We ordered for Chicken Kabsa & Mutton Mandi. The staff almost refused to serve us both the dish stating that it would be way too much for us. We told him that we would like to try both and we are all the way from Chennai. He accepted our request half heartedly and served us Chicken Mandi & Mutton Kabsa (he reversed our order and later told us that he knew what he was doing as that was only available.) I liked the Mandi more than the kabsa. Fragrant rice with chicken, caramelised onions and dry fruits. Those who love their rice spicier may not like this. The chicken could've been little more tender/juicier. Same with the kabsa too. Mutton was better in this. And it was a tad bit better than the mandi on the flavour note as it had whole peppercorns too. The accompanying raw tomato chutney helped a lot in taking few more mouthfuls of rice :P

The halwa was a bad news. Too much of ghee and it had the raw rice flour taste. We didn't go beyond a spoonful. Paid close to 700 bucks for all these along with water & soft drinks. Wrapped our 3 day trip with this place :)

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