Traditional Sweets & Snacks @ Hyderabad

Pramada's, Opposite to Indira Park Main gate:

We had plans to pack some traditional sweets & snacks from Hyderabad for friends & family here. I wanted to get my hands on some podi, pickles & sweets. Pramada's was strongly recommended for their tasty, fresh & homely savouries & condiments. Packed podi, chicken & mutton pickles along with some savouries. Podi was kickass. As spicy as it can get and was fresh. Tasted the chicken pickle alone. While the flavour and heat was good, somehow I felt the chicken to be too hard that, initially I thought it was bone :P Loved the kara sakinalu aka ellu murukku. It was damn spicy and was fresh and crispy even after couple of weeks. The poha mixture with fried garlic was a huge hit at home. Paid cclose to 4K for the hell lot of stuffs we packed :)

Emerald. Near Indira Park :

While Pulla Reddy & sons were recommended for Puthrekalu, our friend suggested that we try emerald. Packed 2kgs of puthrekalu (they also have dry fruit & jaggery variants) and assorted laddus. The laddu variety here is amazing. Coconut, til & gondh were my favourite from the box :) Not sure how much we paid here :/

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