Star Biriyani, Arcot

A trip upto Walajapet, Dad and myself were discussing lunch options in and around. I was in mood for meat. Dad goes with established places with ambience and family dining etc etc. To my surprise he suggested Star biriyani at Arcot with a condition that we will get it parcelled and eat in the car itself. I was more than happy. After all biriyani enga sapitta enna :P

A 60+ year old establishment selling only mutton biriyani, this place is located in the annasalai. Near Ramakrishna School in Arcot. Their biriyani sells like hot cakes and by 2pm it gets over mostly. And on weekdays the threshold is 11-12pm. We got our parcels by 12 pm on a Thursday. Neatly packed in Mandharai leaf along with little raita and lemon pickle, each parcel (1/2 plate) was priced at 130 bucks. After 45 minutes we opened the parcel and boy o boy what a smell. The biriyani was more than warm. Short grained fragrant rice, less oily and nil irritants, the biryiani was spicy. It had about 4-5 chunks of juicy perfectly cooked mutton pieces. Packing in mandharai leaf definitely has an impact on the taste. Portion was pretty huge for me. It would be more than enough for a voracious eater. I was bloody hungry and managed to finish 70% of it without raita or any other accompaniment :) A must try if you are travelling via Arcot.

They don't have branches anywhere else.

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