Hotel Karthik, Theni

When we were on our way to Vaigai Dam, I was told that the fish fry & meals are not to be missed for lunch. After enjoying a stunning view of Vaigai, the lifeline of some of the southern districts in Tamilnadu, we checked in Hotel Karthik, highly recommended by the locals for lunch. This place is located a few metres away from the Vaigai dam Police station on the periyakulam-varusanadu road. A tin shed, functioning as a hotel, was clean and I could see fish swimming on every banana leaf on all the tables :P

Meals (Rs.50) has fish kulambu, one veggie, one legume, rasam & buttermilk. You can opt for the fish in the kuzhambu & fish fry separately. Both kuzhambu & fry had Jalebi (type of freshwater fish). The coconut based kuzhambu was thin, zero tangy, spicy. Even though I always like meen kuzhambu thick & tangy, I loved this one to bits. Fish in the kuzhambu was as fresh as it can be and was melt in the mouth type. Chumma vennai madhiri vayila karainjadhu :) Fish fry was mindblowing. Deep fried fish with perfect marination had a crisp outer layer and soft flesh. Loved it to the core. Surprisingly thattai payiru went well with the kuzhambu. During my short stay in Theni, I noticed that people here eat sundal rite from the morning itself. Every tea shop has a legume varaint with minimal tempering. Infact I had it as my breakfast on all three days :) 

Five of us had meals along with kuzhambu meen and fish fry. Paid 610 bucks in total for all these. Given the size of the fish & its freshness level, it's absolute value for money. 


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